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Timber staining or sometimes called wood staining is a popular method in order to create an improved look of the wooden structures, mainly outdoor. It has several benefits as well as some disadvantages which one must know before they go for timber staining. Below we have explained all the major pros and cons of timber staining for your outdoor furniture, decks, fences, and other wooden projects. But before we start with its benefits.

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Understand what high-quality timber staining is:

The quality of pigment is what decides whether it’s a high-quality timber staining or not. When it comes to top-quality wood stains, the pigment is usually made with 100% iron oxide in order to prevent fading, color changing, and harmful UV rays. Properly treating the wood surface with a premium waterborne timber stain will help in long term color retaining. High-quality staining can ensure a color preservation guarantee for up to 15 years.

Benefits of timber staining:

  • Prevents rotting of wood: Timber surfaces can easily rot if kept outdoor for an extended period without sealing them properly. When wooded objects start to rot, it losses its aesthetic value, and get collapsed eventually, which can result in injuries. Wood can get affected by different things like environmental conditions, termites, and molds, and hence it’s paramount that you must go for timber staining. It must be done in the beginning and re-application at a regular interval is the most effective method to prevent rotting.
  • Protects from harmful rays of the sun and other weather elements: Being exposed to moisture and other weather elements accelerates timber rotting. Apart from that, water sometimes can do more harm to the wooden surface than rotting only. After the introduction of water, if the timber freezes, it will start breaking, which can lead to the destruction of the whole structure if this continues over and over again. At the same time, sunlight is another key factor that damages unsealed timber and causes discoloration. Once you seal your timber project with a premium stain, that will help in retaining its structural integrity and aesthetics.
  • Cost-effective solution for walking areas: Making wooden surfaces for outdoor walking is a popular idea many homeowners opt for. However, due to continuous foot traffic, these wooden walking surfaces bear additional strain than other projects. Some decide to paint the surface to protect the wood, but paint doesn’t offer much durability and can get flaked within a short period after application. Timber staining is the best option available in such cases where top-quality wood stains can provide many years of protection. It is also cost-effective since unlike paint, it is more durable and you don’t need to reapply it as frequently as paint.
  • Helps in preserving aesthetic appeal: People choose timber instead of other synthetic materials for its natural color, texture, and beauty. Therefore if you decide to paint wooden surfaces, that definitely hinders its looks by hiding natural wood grain and color. Timber staining, on the other hand, enhances wood’s natural appearance, provided you are using only uncolored and transparent stains.
  • Easy to maintain: Keeping an outdoor wooden structure unprotected under the sun is not a wise idea. One can either paint or opt for timber staining in order to seal the surface and keep its sheen last longer. Despite its initial hassle and little extra cost, timber staining is always a better option, thanks to unmatched performance for many years with minor maintenance requirements.
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Cons of timber staining:

  1. The process is more expensive than traditional methods like painting, and also a labor-intensive job, which requires expert intervention for an efficient job.
  2. Timber stains consist of harsh and harmful chemicals that can cause severe health hazards unless proper safety measures are ensured.
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Concluding thoughts:

Now you have complete information on timber staining; if you are also fond of wooden furniture and want to make it last longer, then you must go for timber staining.

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