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Thanks to the rapidly changing and advancing mobile technology, the devices and gadgets now made are more powerful than ever. The laptops are not lagging behind, and thus, they also come up with more efficiency and improved battery life.


Nevertheless, laptops should still be charged only once in a day. While the battery life of a laptop is a major reason for mobile complaints, it is achievable to get necessary upgrades. Here are 7 simple methods to have a bigger notebook battery life.

Reducing the brightness of the screen

The top energy devouring part is the PC screen. It devours critical quantities of the capacity of battery to get your presentation flawless and brilliant. Furthermore, it is as straightforward as letting the brightness down to spare this power.

Change in power settings

Few good power features in the latest Windows allow you to increase the paramount performance while being charged and enhance battery life when not.

For saving battery life, the latest Windows offer more methods, including settings for powering the monitor off and going to sleep mode faster.

Switching the Wi-Fi off

Wi-Fi expends battery consistently and keeping in mind that disengaged it devours battery via looking for systems so you can just turn it off. To spare you the superfluous waste, workstations additionally have a capacity button that permits you to turn off the remote adapter physically.

Turning off Input/ Output devices

Since your motherboard has to power the peripheral devices, using these USB peripheral devices consume the power on your system, so disconnecting everything preserves power. Mouse, USB, and webcams are common examples, so having all your information copied across and ejecting them quickly is a good method to save power.

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Most laptops come up with function buttons to turn off the built-in webcam. Such features drain the battery if given a chance. Also, muting your speakers when the sound is not required can save your laptop’s battery since whenever your laptop gets an email, a notification or boots Windows, it beeps, which wastes power.

Ejecting your drives from disc

When the disc spins in the drive, it consumes and drains more battery, and many built-in programs persistently help this. In such a case, eject your discs before switching to the battery to have more battery time for working.

Modern laptops now don’t come with disc drives, but if your laptop has it, make sure it’s empty when you’re using it.

Investing in hardware

Expending your battery life and time can be noble practice. But you may require some assistance if your laptop must be used all over your working day.

Almost all laptops have six-cell batteries, but laptop developers propose upgrades, which can upsurge your power twice, such as 8, or 12-cell optional upgrades.

Laptop batteries can be lavish to replace, so an alternative to them is a portable battery charger for all your gadgets that provide you valued extra hours. Due to them being solid battery units, they usually have adapters for almost all mobile phones and laptops, which is portable enough to be placed in a bag. They have enough capacity to increase the battery span twice.

Disable features

Some features of Windows put demands on your device, which are not necessary. Simply turn off these features for making your laptop more efficient while you are working.

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Wrapping Up

What an easy way is it to manage your laptop’s battery timing by just following the above-mentioned simple tactics and avoid the replacement battery and sticking to the genuine one for a longer span of time.

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