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According to some estimates, asphalt shingles are one of the most widely used materials for roofing by the majority of homeowners in the northern hemisphere. It is a great way to put a solid shelter above your head without worrying about its integrity too much, even in the harshest weather. Normally, it is installed and repaired by trained professionals with relevant experience and tools to get the job done. But, if you have some know-how and had away with things, you can go the DIY route and install your own roof. This will, surely, save you some hefty cash along with the immense pride of pulling out something novel.

Still, if you are not up for the task, you can always count on a number of roof shingle installation companies in the USA. For those who are ready to put on a dungaree, here are some pro tips to install a shingle roof.

The Proper Starting Position

If you have ever got the chance of crew installing shingles on a roof, there is a universal pattern for their work. They always start from the bottom left end and work their way to the top converging to the right. In big teams, some cover the eave while others fill the gaps with pieces.

Valleys & Seams

A whopping 75% of roof leaks are caused by the separation of boards in seams and valleys. The best way to tackle this issue is by placing the shingles overlapped with each other. This way, there is no fissure between boards and virtually no danger of leaking. If this is not possible, you can always use roof flashing to seal the roof from the downpour. Before you rely on pre-installed flashing, check its integrity to be absolutely sure.

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Pro Tip: Keep in mind that aluminum flashing is the most recommended by professionals for asphalt shingles.

One Bundle At A Time

There are color variations in the shingles because of the natural tonal change. While working with a bundle, make sure to use all the shingles from it before opening a new one. This will help you in keeping the color even if there is any color variation between the bundles. Also, getting all the bundles from a single manufacturing batch can save you trouble.

The Deck

Nothing can thrive in a vacuum and on the same principle, asphalt roofing shingles depend on a firm deck of plywood. It is the bedrock on which shingle boards depend on. It is best to ensure that the deck is in healthy shape. Otherwise, exchange the base with new material that is approved for roofing purposes. All in all, everything you use to put the weight on or for exterior use should be approved by competent authorities.

Proper Nails

The nails used for the purpose of keeping the shingles together should also be approved by the authorities and meet the criteria for the local housing code. The best course of choosing the nails is going for GI nails or other rust-resistant material to ensure they can withstand the weather in the time being. This is an important issue that should not be overlooked.

Nailing Technique

When you are up to install roof shingles, it is important to employ the proper nailing techniques to ensure maximum grip and placing. As a general rule of thumb, four nails are used on one single board. But if you live in a region where there are harsh winds and other climatic factors that you need to account for, six nails per board are enough. Many shingle boards come with a nailing line. This is the area where two rows of the boards coincide. For reference, you need to put nails just below that line.

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When you are hammering down the nails, make sure to keep the straight angle and penetrate one third into the deck, or they would cut through the shingle and compromise its integrity.

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