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Every business owner understands the need to secure their website against hackers and other threats, but often overlook the most important aspect of website protection – website security from hackers. Website security audit from hackers tool is a must if you want to protect your website from potential attacks. There are many effective ways to protect your website from hackers but using a daily malware scanner for web threats is one of the most important.


Sitelock web presence is a very valuable asset for any company. It immediately makes your company visible and gives potential clients a first impression of what type of professional you are. However, the risk of having your website compromised or attacked by hackers is a sober reality for every company because there are so many malicious hackers out there who are always looking to attack websites they consider easy targets.


If you want to protect your website from hackers, it is recommended that you have regular web threats scanning conducted on a daily basis. Regular malware detection and removal helps prevent your website from being compromised. Here are a few advantages of having malware detection and removal features in your FTP scans.


You can instantly notify security personnel when a particular URL is accessed by hackers. With a regular FTP scan, hackers can easily execute malicious code on your website, which means that they could easily gain access to personal and business information. This information could be used to obtain financial frauds and other crimes. Having a regular FTP scan will ensure that your website is safe from hackers.

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You can also set up a true shield in your website to make it appear blacklisted on search engines. With this feature, whenever a user types in a URL on the browser’s address bar, the website will be sent to a special page where you can specify whether or not to allow the URL to be viewed. With a regular FTP scan, hackers can easily bypass this security measure, but with a true shield, they will be forced to reveal their IP address before they can view any information on your website. So, this is a very reliable way to stop malicious code from leaking into your network.


Maintaining a website trust seal will also help you monitor your servers. If a server is down, no one can access your website. Hackers will not be able to do their nefarious plans because your site is down. Website security audit from hackers involves maintaining your servers in tip-top shape. Regular file change monitoring and maintenance will help ensure that your server is always up and operational.


Another advantage of having website security from hackers’ protection is having the ability to perform a daily malware scan on your network. This application scans will check if there are malicious codes present on your system. Most likely, a virus scanner cannot detect these malicious codes because they usually do not have the specific programming language as applications. Hackers are always up for an opportunity to infect your system. An efficient daily malware scan will help you identify threats more quickly, which increases your chances of locking hackers out of your network.

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Trusted website security from hackers solution will also provide you with a virtual padlock to place on all of your web pages. Hackers love open windows so this easy-to-crack padlock will provide them with plenty of entry points. By using trusted website security from hackers’ solution, you can rest easy knowing that your system is safe and secure. You can also reduce the amount of time that you need to spend on maintaining the website security from hackers by running the daily malware scan. By performing a daily malware scan on your system you can identify threats that your system has been compromised by and eliminate them before they have a chance to do serious harm. Trusted solutions also will provide you with website security from a hacker’s seal which shows users how to stop a hacker from gaining access to their system.

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