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Online businesses greatly rely on mobile apps for reaching their target audience and increasing conversions to drive sales. The mobile app revenue is expected to surpass $581 billion in the second quarter of 2020. The recent corona outbreak has already put the mobile industry nearer to this target. It is fair to mention that smartphone penetration has increased across the world, and people tend to spend a large chunk of smartphone time on mobile apps.

But, the growing number of mobile apps has given birth to stiff competition, and entrepreneurs or business persons find it challenging to make their apps popular in terms of the number of downloads. Today, people use their smartphones more than laptops and desktops for browsing the Internet, and therefore, mobile apps should be capable of giving users all the benefits of online browsing and shopping. This is possible with the integration of user-friendly features like push notifications, payment integration, and social media connectivity.

Here, the Android OS emerges as a robust platform for making feature-rich and future-ready apps. With over 86% market share globally, Android is indeed a preferred choice for enterprises. If you want to come up with a dedicated and customized app for your company, you should opt for Android app development services. Here are the top factors to consider when you hire Android app developers.

Top Seven Factors to Hire Dedicated Android App Developers for Your Project

Whether you own a startup or run an established business, finding the right developers for your app project is like finding a needle in a haystack. The reason is simple- many companies offer Android app development companies these days. However, these tips will help you hire the most suitable Android app developers.

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1.Pick a partner for the long term

Android app development is an ongoing project that includes various aspects ranging from ideation to design and development to deployment. Also, you need to keep some budget aside for app promotion and upgrade. Therefore, you should choose the app development company that offers end-to-end services in Android domain. It enables you to get rid of contacting different companies for various app-related services.

2.Prefer experienced developers

In a thriving Android app development domain, experience of developers always matters because they can troubleshoot issues easily and come up with innovative solutions through their domain expertise and vast experience. Also, experienced developers have an idea of the changing market trends, latest tools, development challenges, and the end-user’s expectations.

3.Go for testimonials

It is necessary for you to check the testimonials and client reviews before hiring dedicated developers from a reputed Android app development company. You can also find out testimonials for app development companies on their websites, research firms’ websites, and social media accounts. Glassdoor and Google Reviews can also help you hire Android app developers with an excellent record.

4.Consider cost and quality

It is better to select the app development company that offers cost-effective solutions, but you cannot compromise on quality or app performance in this competitive era. In other words, you should not fall for a dirt cheap app development rate and get an app with a lot of bugs and technical glitches. Before assigning your project to the app development company, you should analyze the quotes given by your shortlisted app development agencies.

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5.Opt for agility

Reliable and experienced Android app developers tend to remain in touch with you to provide regular updates on the development stage through calls, chat, and emails on a daily or weekly basis. In a way, you should opt for agile development cycle that facilitates you to make changes during the development phase as and when necessary.

6.Ask for app submission

If you develop an app for customers, gamers, or the target audience, it is better to publish it on the Play Store. It will help you  increase visibility and get early downloads with ease. When you finalize your app development partner, you should ask whether they will deploy your app on the Play Store. If the app developers have no idea of app store submission, they may not develop an app compatible with the Play Store.

7.Care for domain expertise 

This is another important factor. Expertise in UI and material design is extremely important factor to consider while hiring Android app developers. If you want seamless user experience with superior user interface consists of excellent colors, designs, and texture in your app, then expert developers should be hired from a reliable Android app development company.

Concluding Lines

Android app development involves a lot of time, money, and effort. However, if you can hire the right app developers, you can get a successful app that can take your business to a new level. To get a combination of excellent functionality and appealing appearance, all you need to hire dedicated Android app developers by keeping these seven tips in mind.