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Are you planning to spend your weekend in the freshness of lakes and seashores? Then Chicago is a must-visit place for you. Chicago is popular for its attractive tourist’s spots, incredible shopping complexes, and the beautiful coral habitat. If you want your tickets at an affordable price, book your flight tickets to Chicago on Frontier Airlines Reservations to get undeniable deals and offers. 

Chicago is a city in Illinois that is based in the continental US. The city is famous for its wonderful museums and artworks. Also, some visitors admire the enchanting beauty of the architecture and ancient cultural spots. There are enticing beaches and seashores. The wonderful city of Chicago provides an enchanting view of the sporting sphere. Some places are must-visit and often recommended by the previous visitors of Chicago. Following are the Top Things To Do in Chicago, Illinois:

Art Institute of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago is a place where you can find the masterpiece of art in every corner of the museum. It has a wide collection of antique collectibles, historic paintings, artworks, beautiful sculptures, photos, drawings, and much more. Moreover, this institute is popularly known for the collection of post-impressionist artworks and various paintings made by Claude Monet. There are main buildings that are perfect for tourists attraction measure approximately 400,000 square feet. You can spend at least 4 hours to 5 hours in the ancient beauty of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Millennium Park

Millennium Park is the greatest tourist attraction spot in Chicago, Illinois. The center is a sculpture of around 100-ton that is referred to as the Cloud Gate, which has a lustrous finishing that gives the look of a shiny mirror, stainless steel surface that is covered with the liquid mercury. Further, it gives a reflective view of the building, clouds, sky, and visitors who are waking on the central arch. Also, there is a Crown Fountain that gives a fascinating view of water flowing. On average, visitors are able to spend at least 3 hours to 4 hours in the magnificent beauty of Millennium Park. 

Navy Pier

Navy Pier is a combination of parks, gardens, and shopping complexes. Visitors often love this place because of the attraction spots in Navy Pier. It is a perfect place to visit with small children as there are parks, gardens, concert halls, restaurants, and much more. You can also watch a movie and a short film in the 3D max theatre hall in the park. It has a botanical garden inside the gardens of Navy Pier. There is a Chicago festival that is celebrated in the month of August. Also, the cruise is perfect for visitors who are interested in sight-seeing. You can easily spend at least 6 hours to 8 hours in the enticing beauty of Navy Pier. 

Michigan Avenue and the Magnificent Mile

Michigan Avenue is the most famous place in entire North America. The Magnificent Mile is a section of the Michigan Avenu. Placed in the north in the river of Chicago, this place has various galleries, luxury shops, and boutiques. Some of the famous places are the Wrigley Buildings, John Hancock Centre, and the Tribune Tower. Michigan Avenue and the Magnificent Mille are split into two destinations namely, North and South of Madison Street. There are various theatres and concert halls that conduct musicals and comedy acts. You can spend at least 5 hours to 6 hours in the aesthetic beauty of Michigan Avenue and Magnificent Mille. Book your flight tickets on Spirit Airlines Reservations to get amazing deals and offers. 

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