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Description of jobs

Truck drivers operate trucks that transport a variety of goods, typically from manufacturers to consumers. Trucks can be smaller and more extensive, often with a trailer, and move within the metropolitan area, in intercity and international traffic.

The roads they drive on are of very different qualities, from good highways to narrow and unpaved roads. Drivers usually drive on paved roads. Traffic density, weather conditions and visibility are continually changing, so drivers must adapt their driving to the evolving needs, and following traffic regulations and restrictions. When driving, they decide independently and choose the right reaction. They arrange for themselves about the actual speed, overtaking, turning, slowing down, accelerating. Their safety depends on all this, as well as the safety of other road users.

Before starting work, they receive an order for the transport of goods, check the correctness of the vehicle and the device on the car. They then oversee the placement of the cargo, especially from a security standpoint. Upon arrival at the destination, they take care of the unloading of the shipment, sometimes they help with the unloading and arrange the cargo documentation. At border crossings, they also sort out cargo documentation.

Knowledge, skills and desirable traits

The occupation of the truck driver is suitable for people who are healthy, physically fit and have good eyesight. Besides, it is ideal for people who are emotionally balanced, resistant to stress and responsible in their actions due to possible human casualties and significant material damage. It is an excellent job for those who like to travel and work independently, and do not mind inappropriate working hours and long absences from home. In recent decade many institutes of the worldwide offering courses of truck driving schools to help drivers to understand the advanced rules and regulations.

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Work conditions

Working conditions – truck driver

The working hours of the truck driver are challenging to determine. According to the regulations, the driver must not drive longer than 8 hours during the day and must have a rest of 30 minutes after 5 hours of driving. However, sometimes he spends more days on the road. During this time, he rests in motels or, more often, in the cabin of the vehicle, if he has a built-in bed. He is on the road on both Sundays and holidays, making it difficult for everyday social and family life. In work itself and the schedule of work and rest, the driver is independent, but the cargo must be delivered within the agreed time.

Due to the relative slowness of the trucks, which have speed limits depending on the load capacity, the ride can be uniform. Night driving is often accompanied by drowsiness and decreased attention. Driving at night is also more dangerous due to reduced visibility and more difficult spotting of other vehicles, carts and cyclists. This also applies to driving in bad weather conditions, when it is difficult to break such heavy cars in the rain and snow. Therefore, in all these adverse conditions, increased attention is required.

The occupation of a truck driver is a risky occupation due to traffic accidents in which human casualties and tremendous material damage are possible. Due to possible responsibility and guilt, drivers can also be held criminally liable. Truck drivers are regularly exposed to the possibility of punishment while driving – from the one on the spot for misdemeanors to the criminal one.

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Driver work is moderately heavy physical work. What makes it strenuous is the occasional assistance in loading and unloading cargo and the static effort is always the same body position in the cabin. It is done in a relatively cramped space where there are noise and vibration, which depends on the type and age of the truck.

Possibility of employment of truck driver

For employment, truck drivers must have completed high school in the field of traffic and passed the C category driving test, and for the trailer, the E category. The appropriate police administration issues the driver’s license. To take the driving test, it is necessary to be 18 years old and have a medical certificate obtained in individual health care institutions and according to a separate rulebook on health conditions. A medical certificate can be obtained by those individuals who do not have epilepsy, mental illness, diabetes, too high blood pressure and some other diseases. Besides, they see well, in both eyes, distinguish colors, hear well, have average intelligence, normal limb function and more.

A medical certificate (certificate) is required for any renewal of a driver’s license, so those drivers who have a limited driving license due to health reasons very often go for medical examinations. This always exposes the possibility of being left without a driver’s license. Some work organizations take care of drivers who are left without a driver’s license, providing them with another job, and some drivers look for another job on their own or retire. Drivers of bulky goods vehicles with a carrying capacity of over 7 tons in large transport organizations have a beneficial length of service: the year of service is calculated as 16 months. Truck drivers can also open their own trucking business.