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The machinery in your car is very complex and the functioning of each of them is as complicated as the other. While some of these components are to increase the efficiency of your vehicle, others guarantee your safety. Another function of these components is to provide comfort to the passengers. One such element is the car air conditioning Morecambe system of your car. Understanding the functioning of the different parts of your vehicle is crucial, as it enables you to know the car better.

Doing so will only enable you to look after these aspects and keep a timely look at them. Any faults, repairs or servicing required at these areas will thus be eliminated with ease. However, if you ignore taking care of these components of the vehicle, you might end up with major troubles later. In this article, we look at the working of the air conditioner and its various parts. Stick with the blog to find out more.


The refrigerant is a chemical that acts as a fuel to the entire air conditioning system. They cool and compress themselves as required and are a fundamental requirement for the running of the air conditioner.


In this part of the air conditioner, the refrigerant gets compressed to proceed to the next step. During this process, the gas becomes hot because of the compression and is then sent to the condenser.


The primary function of the condenser is to cool the hot gas that is formed in the compressor and turn it into liquid. It consists of a series of coils through which the outside air passes, thus cooling the temperature of the air.

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The drier is shaped like a canister that absorbs all the moisture and then passes out the dry gas. In some of these driers, they contain a slight glass on top to help the driver observe the remaining quantity. This way they can know when the machine requires maintenance or simply re-filling.

Inline filter

While the gas from the refrigerant is compressed and cooled to pass on, it may contain certain germs that would, in turn, be thrown out with the fresh air inside the car. To prevent a situation like this, we have an inline filter that helps absorb all the impurities from the system and locks it down.

Expansion valve

The flow with which the refrigerant will pass inside the system needs to be controlled. Without controlling it, the passage of this gas would take in significant intensities that in turn, will only lead to the wasting of refrigerants. The expansion valve does the work of controlling this flow*. Due to this controlled flow, the high pressure is then lowered down, causing the cooling liquid inside to turn into mist.


When this mist passes into the next component of the air conditioner, it goes through the cold rods of the evaporator. This evaporator blows the cooled air into the passenger compartment. It ends the process of producing cold air into the car and thus the working of an air conditioner.


To better the cooling experience, there is an accumulator present that controls the flow of refrigerant inside the air conditioner. However, its primary function is to absorb any moisture present inside the car.

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These car air conditioning systems require a recharge to function without any complication. To get these recharges done, you need to pick the garage with the best quality refrigerant in the price that fits your budget. Visiting a trusted garage will ensure that you get only the best and expert service for your vehicle’s car air conditioning requirements.

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