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The kitchen is the heartbeat of any household. It is the hub of your home and the gateway through which people appreciate your hospitality and kindness. Whether it’s preparing food, marinating some chicken, or hanging out in the kitchen, you will need to maintain high hygiene. More importantly, ensure everybody is acquainted with the necessary kitchen hygiene rules. You are going to learn some of the practical steps that will help you to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic always.

What about ensuring that everybody remembers these eight vital kitchen hygiene rules to keep away the nasty bacteria:

1. Hands must always be clean

You will perform almost all the tasks in the kitchen using your hands. And you know what that means? With clean hands, you will avoid contaminating your food containers or other kitchen utensils that you can touch while in the kitchen.

If your hands are dirty, then you will be spreading germs on every surface you touch. And it’s not limited to surfaces only, even the food you will be cooking will attract the bacteria from your hands.

Before you start cooking, ensure you wash your hands with soap and water.

2. Clean your kitchen and utensils while you cook

Most of us are accustomed to piling up all the dirty utensils and surfaces and cleaning them up once we finish cooking. In addition, your kitchen should remain clean as you leave it. There are so many cleaning equipment that you can have for your kitchen but for maintenance cleaning, you may consider robot vacuums, vacuum steam mop, or any other machine depending on the level of cleaning that you want.

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That’s not the right way to keep your kitchen clean and healthy.

As you cook, ensure that you wash anything dirty to keep away flies and other bacteria. Whether it’s the kitchen cabinets or the dishwasher, ensure everything looks spotlessly clean.

3. Regularly wipe the countertops

There is so much food that spills on the countertops. They are, therefore, suitable breeding grounds for bacterial and flies.

The best way to keep them at bay is by regularly wiping the countertops and keeping them clean.

4. Cook your food thoroughly

Whatever comes from the kitchen can make us healthy or visit the chemist. Food, if not properly cooked, will lead to food poisoning.

Make sure any food is adequately cooked, and any reheated food is steaming hot.

5. Empty and clean your waste bins regularly

Your waste material can be an easy target for bacteria. But more than collecting the bacteria, the bins with so much waste can be an annoying eyesore.

And sometimes, the odor from the bins can become unbearable for your kitchen space.

6. Wash your hand towels regularly

Your hand towels wipe almost all surfaces and utensils in your kitchen. Consequently, they gather so much dirt and bacteria that could be detrimental to your health. In addition to that, you need to have many hand towels so that you can use them in turns and when they are dry. That would be easier to manage your cleaning than when you have only one hand towel.

To get rid of the bacteria, ensure that you regularly clean and dry the hand towels to keep off the bacteria.

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7. Store your food in the right place

Where you store your food is essential in managing your kitchen hygiene. Any leftovers or open food should be kept in sealed containers to ensure no bacteria doesn’t get in. There are so many food storage containers out there that you can have for your kitchen. Depending on the type of food to store, get the right storage container for each kind of food that needs to be stored safely. Apart from making your kitchen look clean, they also help to prevent contamination of food.

Further, ensure that any warm food is kept in the fridge, and any expired food is kept out of the refrigerator.

8. Your chopping board should remain clean always

Bacteria spread so fast. And the food that remains on chopping boards attracts so much of these bacteria that would otherwise cause diseases. Therefore, you should include your chopping board when you are doing your cleaning.

To stop the spread of bacteria, make sure you clean the chopping boards each time you use them. In addition to that, always keep your chopping board dry and store in the right place to make your kitchen look sparkly clean all the time.

In conclusion, keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic will always give you a peace of mind wherever you are. You will never complain of flies and diseases related hygiene. Therefore, master them and apply them if you want to maintain a clean kitchen environment.