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Waterfalls are a must-have feature for luxury pools. The benefits that a waterfall provides are not just limited to aesthetics. In fact, waterfalls have practical usage and can even improve the overall health of your pool water. While more and more luxury pool owners are incorporating waterfalls into their pools, it is still not as common and a waterfall in your luxury pool is sure to be a conversation starter.

However, if the visual appeal does not convince you of adding a waterfall to your luxury pool, here are some additional benefits that waterfalls provide to your swimming pool.

Adding A Waterfall During Pool Construction Helps In Water Circulation

Waterfalls work by moving water up the waterfall, which then flows down and keeps the water in circulation. Circulation of water can help keep disease-causing insects and other dangerous pests away. Not to mention the filtration mechanism installed during pool construction and waterfall installation filters the water before circulating it. This added filtration mechanism is set up when constructing the pool.

Even though the filtration and circulation set up for a pool waterfall are pretty basic, it can filter and circulate water effectively. All of the pipes used for the circulation of water are hidden; hence they do not affect the aesthetic value of your pool. The stronger the water pump, the more water you can circulate and the pool stays healthy and free from pests.

You can also choose to install a filter in your waterfall. If you want a cleaner pool, it is a good idea to get a filter installed when constructing a waterfall for your luxury pool.Just make sure to get the waterfall mechanism installed by a pool builder with experience in constructing waterfalls such as Sandals Luxury Pools. Getting a waterfall installed by a reliable and experienced builder will allow for seamless integration of the pipes, pump, and filtration system.

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Adding Waterfalls To Luxury Pools Helps Keep Algae At Bay

Algae is the most common pool pest and it affects almost every stagnant pool if it is not taken care of properly. Whenever water stays stagnant for an extended time, algae spores can find their way into the stagnant water and start growing. Algae is unpleasant to look at and it can also make the pool extra slippery, which is a hazard if children use the pool.

A simple solution to avoid algae growth in your luxury pool is with the help of a waterfall. By installing waterfalls, especially sheer descent for pools, which is a specially designed waterfall for luxury pools, you can prevent the water of the pool from being stagnant. Not to mention the filter inside your pool waterfall mechanism is going to trap algae pores and prevents them from spreading throughout the pool.

All you have to do is clean out the filter of the waterfall pump regularly so that it doesn’t get clogged with debris to ensure that your pool water is never stagnant. For the algae that grow on the rocks or stones of your artificial pool waterfall, you can remove it during regular maintenance using a simple brush.

Waterfalls Can Keep The Water Temperature Low Even During Hot Weather

The whole point of having a pool is to cool off in it during a hot summer day. If your pool water is hot, there would be no point in swimming in it in the first place. That is where waterfalls and fountains come in handy by promoting evaporation and cooling the pool water in the process. In-ground pools in Gainesville, GA,get hot during the long summer days, so it is a good idea to have a waterfall or a fountain to keep the water temperature cool.