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The online world is showing immense potential to be the future marketplace, workplace, and increasingly consuming every other area. So how does one’s company stand out in this extraordinarily crowded market where one is most likely to be under the shadow of another’s website?

With the increasing consumer traffic on the internet, several popular tools catering to the new resurgence of consumers in digital marketing have come up. Digital marketing in Melbourne has broadened its scope today and is expanding its options. Looking at some of the best tools and strategies available now can help you decide what you can employ to provide opportunities to your company and to grow your brand in Melbourne and across the world.

  1. Social Media Marketing


Social Media platforms give easy access to interact with consumers, enabling one to know what’s working and what isn’t in terms of their communication and branding.

These platforms also give way to sponsored advertisements, and considering how much these apps are used, the adverts would gain as much viewership, perhaps even more, as they would when played on television. Sponsored adverts then lead the user to the brand’s website, giving them an idea of the company’s products, ideals, and vision.

Apps like Facebook and Instagram also prominently feature influencers, who have massive numbers of followers. Promoting your product through them can bring in more traffic, as people who trust the influencer would also trust your product. This can strengthen and expand your reach.

Therefore, find the influencers that cater to your audience, and promote products that suit the personality so as to create an element of trust. The fast-paced growth of social media that we are witnessing today has its pros, especially for companies, because the market has now grown immensely across boundaries.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation
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SEO is the process through which one can improve the visibility of their website, and therefore their brand. It ensures that the website appears whenever the relevant searches are made, and possibly among the top websites so that it catches the audience’s eye immediately. SEO increases the online traffic to the website, all in the course of unpaid action.

With SEO hacks, keywords gain importance. Google then recognises these keywords and places you accordingly. Researching what people generally search and the most used words to get to the desired result would help when setting one’s keywords.

Another hack is to optimise the website for all search engines and devices so that it is accessible to users. It should also be available to both humans and bots, as bots use search engines to index your website, which can again impact your popularity.

  1. Pay-per-click Marketing (PPM)


PPM is a method of sponsoring your website to appear on popular search engines, by paying them a fee for every click delivered. Google ads are one of the most popular advertising systems in the world, due to its prominence as a search engine around the globe. Ensuring the right keywords, optimisation of the website, running a successful ad campaign – these are factors dependent on which companies bid.

The quality of the content and whether it is presented in an easy-to-read manner for all audiences is also a significant aspect of the process. They then choose from a variety of ad placements based on factors like the one mentioned above. This way, your website attracts more audience and exposure at a nominal fee.

  1. Downloadable Content 
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Several companies provide brochures and pamphlets showcasing the variety of products they sell, their qualities, prices, details on the process, etc. when you visit their showroom or meet their representative. The digital market affords one the same option in the non-physical form that are now growing increasingly impactful in consumer buying choices.

Producing e-books with the same amount of detail as one would find in a physical copy, as well as webinars that give access to consumers directly as well as their queries, are definite ways of gaining more consumers.

Webinars also provide access to the ideas behind the creators, and give life to the products, adding more value to them and what they signify. Promoting one’s businesses through this medium also gives the company a better idea of their audience, therefore aiding in their future branding and promotional activities. Leaving them with a free downloadable e-book ensures that the product remains in their memory for days to come.

  1.    Producing a Podcast


Audiobooks and podcasts are increasingly gaining popularity because of its ease in seeping into busy lives. Podcasts have replaced other media for many people and have risen to be a very effective tool for a certain population. Creating a podcast communicates your ideas and how you deliver, without forcing the potential customer to go through the trouble of visiting your website. It also offers a space to address queries and creates a more interactive relationship which will enhance communication and popularise your brand in the process.

  1. Voice Search Optimisation


With the advent of devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home, voice searching has become a powerful method that will soon replace manual searching. Not every website is equipped to be picked up by a voice search, which is why it is important to design one’s website accommodating that feature.

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This is especially useful for gaining a local crowd, as your website will show up when people search for companies “near them”. Hence, optimising your webpage for voice search will bring in more traffic than previously could not access your company directly.

These are some of the methods that one can use today to boost their company’s sales and exposure. Your strategy will shape the future of your company, and these tools need to be used over a long period of time to ensure long-term impact.

While this is not a comprehensive list for digital marketing in Melbourne, these are some of the most common and basic tools that can support and sustain your stride in the online world. Optimum use of these tools will ensure that your brand truly becomes a global entity.

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