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If you’ve been following the advice of your friend or someone else, then sorry to say, you won’t be able to grow your sales.

Because you trust more on their guesses, rather than on the actual strategies and studies.

However, we advise you not to listen to anyone’s advice or suggestions; instead, stick to what the data & research says.

And you won’t have to look elsewhere for that research and data because we’ve already done it.

Hence, as per the studies and research, we have accumulated several factors that can make or break your eCommerce sale.

Let’s begin by going over the factors you can use to save your potential sale.

Customer Loyalty:

One of the most valuable aspects is customer loyalty.

This will not only get you the sale but also improves your online shopping experience.

Customer loyalty programs that aren’t personalized are also useless.

In short, you have to give your customers rewards.

Because if you don’t do this, your customers’ shopping experience will lack a personalized touch.

What you can do is, you can reward your customers based on how much money they spend in your store, regardless of how often they shop.

Because no two people’s total expenditure will be the same, this provides the program a higher level of personalization.

When a customer watches their status in the loyalty program, however, they will notice that the offers are specifically suited to them.

Be Open About Data Security:

You run an eCommerce store and don’t provide your customers with assurances about how you keep and use their information.

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Because nowadays, disclosing your store’s data privacy and security is a critical part of your store.

And, if your store is accessing their data, you should inform them of how you intend to use it.

Except for a few individuals, the majority of people are concerned about their data collection.

People, without a doubt, prefer personalized offers. They are still concerned about the source of those offers.

Because they are worried about being tracked down.

Overall, be clear and honest about how and why you collect information from your website users.

So, instead of simply reporting that you collect data, emphasize the advantages.

Super Fast Delivery & Free Shipping:

Suppose you deliver products on time or within 2-3 days. It has a significant impact on your customers.

Who doesn’t love to receive their products as early as possible?

Already people are looking for products in their budget, and when you add shipping costs in delivery time. It becomes a headache for them.

They will instantly close the window, and you’ll lose your potential sale.

In today’s world, no one is willing to pay delivery fees, making people less interested in purchasing your product.

It has been found from the studies that “shipping times” were the most frustrating part of shopping online.

When there are already huge competitors like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc who deliver way much quicker.

You can’t take a whole week to deliver a product. Whereas your competitors are delivering same day and next day free delivery options.

If you keep providing your customers what they want, you will never see a drop in your sales.

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Hence, you must provide free & fast delivery to your customers.

Sales and Promotions:

This is yet another crucial factor that will determine whether your sale will succeed or fail.

Plus, adding a personalization touch will take your promotions to the next level.

Customers will be guided to make decisions through personalized sales and offers.

If you provide your customers with a personalized option, they will be more likely to purchase from your eCommerce store.

If you offer something to your customer, then make it more personalized.

Because it will draw in more customers, and if you add a personal touch, they will be more likely to purchase from you.

You can send them an email promoting a new product or a discount based on their previous purchases if you want to be more personalized.

Make Your Product Pages Better:

Many times, people exist solely because of your product page.


Because your product page might be too cluttered, or it just doesn’t meet the user’s requirements.

Just think, if a customer is on your page which means he/she is interested in buying that product.

That’s why they’re on the product page.

The decision can only be taken from this page whether the product is going to be purchased or not.

Now you have an idea of how important this page is.

Because people cannot touch or feel the product, you must use appropriate product images, descriptions, and other details. As a result, you must provide as much information as possible.

This way, you can increase the chances of your products selling more.

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In addition, a well-optimized product page includes more than just photographs. It includes your company’s branding, pricing, and product descriptions, among other things.

Always remember that small changes to your product page can have a big impact on your sales and customer engagement.

Final Thoughts on eCommerce Purchasing Factors

Hence, these are the factors that definitely do not break but make your eCommerce sale.

You only need to keep these factors in mind to save your potential sale.

Many components and considerations influence a consumer’s decision to buy or look elsewhere for their needs.

Brands that use digital tools and data to create a personalized shopping experience grow their sales two to three times faster than those that don’t.

When emailing or approaching someone, always use personalization. It can help you increase your sales.

Here we have covered everything you need to know about boosting your eCommerce purchase.

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