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There is a difference between an asbestos removal company and an asbestos remediation company. If there is any possibility that asbestos is present in your house, you should call the licensed Asbestos contractor. The latter company specifically authorized by the US EPA to remove asbestos from houses or other buildings that might potentially be at risk for asbestos exposure. They have the skill and experience in the removal of asbestos from a building. Asbestos is not as hazardous as lead, so there is no need to completely rid a house of all traces of asbestos.

  1. Inspection By Certified Asbestos Specialist

Most asbestos is stuck firmly in these products, therefore causing little or no threat of exposure to you and your household members. However, occasionally these materials will crumble and become airborne indoors your house. If you suspect asbestos in your house, it’s best to hire an asbestos remediation company to conduct an asbestos inspection. An asbestos inspection by a trained and certified Asbestos specialist will inform you whether there are traces of asbestos in your house and whether it poses a health threat to you and your family.

  1. They May Ask some Questions

A qualified Asbestos inspection specialist will ask you some standard questions. He will want to know how long your asbestos-containing items have been in place, and where they are located inside your house. He may even want to know about your relationship with the company you use for your Asbestos inspection services. Do you know whether your Asbestos removal was done by a licensed professional? Were you made aware of Asbestos hazards while working with the company?

  1. Taking Samples

To find out if Asbestos is present in your house, professionals will check the roof, flooring, wall, and ceiling. They will also take samples from the inside of the home, such as closets and basements. These samples will be sent to the lab, where an Asbestos analysis will be performed. Your doctor can take blood samples, or place them in a sample jar, and send them to the lab. The results will tell the doctor the concentration of asbestos fibers present. In larger buildings, the results of Asbestos analysis tests can take up to two weeks to receive.

  1. Evaluation

If the Asbestos analysis results show that Asbestos is present in your house, your doctor will tell you whether you need an Asbestos abatement. The type of Asbestos abatement your doctor recommends depends on the concentration of asbestos fibers present. Your doctor will give you several options for removing or destroying the Asbestos-containing materials in your house. If you have decided to use an Asbestos abatement firm to handle your Asbestos contamination, these firms will walk you through the process.

  1. Mold Remediation

During the Asbestos abatement process, your Asbestos inspectors will perform mold remediation. During this time, they will look for mold, and test for its presence. They may test for any residual Asbestos contamination. Your inspectors will also look for loose fillings, pipes, insulation, water leaks, and broken or missing insulation.

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The team will do the Job

After the Asbestos inspection, your inspector will review the mold remediation and decide what, if anything, needs to be done with the contaminated materials. There are several options to choose from, including sealing the area, sealing the building, or demolishing the structure. Once the Asbestos removal process is complete, your inspectors will remove any asbestos-containing materials. They will dispose of them properly, following all local codes and regulations.

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If the Asbestos abatement company has done an excellent job, no loose Asbestos particles will be released during the dismantling process. It’s important to hire a company that thoroughly uses the latest technology, equipment, and techniques. A good company will use techniques such as heat flash freezing, as well as moisture transfer and vacuum technology. To learn more about the safety of Asbestos, call an Asbestos Inspection and Remediation Company.


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