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No matter how big or luxurious your home is, it loses its value when it is infested by pests. Be it wasps, mice, rats or even the seemingly adorable squirrels, a pest infestation situation can create havoc in your home, to put it very mildly.

This is one situation you must avoid at any cost. Otherwise, the consequences are going to be quite serious. Now the dangers of a pest infestation situation vary from pest to pest. However, one this is common, their presence in your home can spread diseases and infections. Furthermore, their droppings can release a foul odor that can single handedly bring down the entire ambiance of your home.

Once your home is infested by pests, the only solution you have is to hire the best pest exterminators in Metro Vancouver. Do not opt for DIY methods as they aren’t quite effective. First of all, you would need certain tools and equipment, which, generally, a layman doesn’t have access to. Other than that, these procedures require a certain level of experience and expertise. If you don’t have them, you wouldn’t be able to exterminate them properly. Therefore, there will be chances of pests coming back to your place, like uninvited guests.

Now that it is established that you can’t do without hiring experts, the question arises when to call them. And for this, we have got you covered. These are some of the common signs that your home is infected by pests and you need to contact pest exterminators:

Frequent Sighting

The most significant sign of pest infestation is the frequent sighting of pests in your home. If it’s wasps, you will see them in a particular area only. Rats, squirrels and mice will be sighted in the kitchen area because they will come there in the hunt for food.

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The presence of bed bugs can be established by red, bloody marks on your beddings and skin. Furthermore, the lack of a sound sleep due to irritation on the skin can also prove to be an indication that bed bugs have infested your home.

Foul Odor

If you smell a foul, unidentified odor in your home, there are high chances that pests have infested your home. Bear in mind that different pests have different kinds of odors. Also, this foul smell can come from their droppings. Therefore, you must ensure what kind of pests has infested your home before hiring experts.

Strange Noises

Strange noises coming from different parts of your home also indicate that pests have infested your home. For example, if it is gnawing sound or scratching on different surfaces like doors, there is a possibility that rats, mice or squirrels have made their home in your home.


Pest droppings is another clear indication that there is an infestation problem you will have to deal with. Now the shape and look of droppings again depend on the pest itself. Again, you need to confirm the type of infestation before you contacting the exterminators. Your home’s kitchen, as gross as it may sound, is one of the main areas where you will find pest droppings.

Property Damage

There can be numerous reasons that can lead to property damage, including pest infestation. Certain pests such as rats, mice and squirrels can cause damage to the different surfaces of your property such as doors and windows. Squirrels can also chew electrical and insulation wires, which can turn out to be an even more serious condition. It can prove to be quite costly to get those damages repaired.

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If you encounter any of these signs, you must hire experts at your earliest. Making delays can worsen the situation. The more time you are wasting, the more pests will multiple since most pests tend to reproduce at a rapid pace. Therefore, not only they but their extended families will also be making a home in your dwelling.

As stated above, the only viable solution is to hire experts. With so many options for pest extermination experts in Vancouver, it can be hard to pick the best out of the lot. You must rely on the services of the most reputed and reliable company if you desire to get the best results. So, read reviews of different pest control companies and base your decision on the same.

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