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Are you looking to buy a professional barber cape in Australia? No matter if you are a stylish hairdresser or a barber, you need a barber cape. When you step inside a barber shop, the first thing they will do before haircutting is cover you with a hairdresser cape. It is a giant piece of cloth that can cover the entire body, leaving the head out for cutting. It provides both comfort and functionality. It ensures you are not annoyed by the hair falling on your body. Also, it ensures that the hairs don’t make a mess around you. So, a barber cape is actually a very essential thing in a hair salon.


So, where to buy the best hair cape in Australia? Since there are many online stores and brands to buy barber capes, it is not easy to identify the one best. However, there is a store that has emerged as the number 1 in Australia, and there are solid reasons behind that. There are a few factors that make a brand the best and those include the quality of haircutting capes, prices and variety. Based on these factors, the best brand or store to buy professional barber capes in Australia is K5 International.

K5 International – Your Destination to Buy Professional Hair Capes

In 2020, K5 International is the best brand and store to buy professional barber capes. It is a leading online store that offers free delivery service in Australia. Also, it is the most trusted and reliable store for buying barber tools, scissors and hair cutting capes.

Why is K5 International the Best?

There are a few factors that make K5 International the best place to buy professional barber capes in Australia. Following are those factors explained:

– Variety of Haircutting Capes

K5 International stocks a great variety of barber capes. You will find every style and design of hair capes you are searching for. There are multiple colors and multiple designs to choose from and hence you are left with a massive choice!

– Highest Quality Barber Capes

K5 International stocks the most desired and highway quality barber capes. They ensure the quality of their hair capes that look professional and are very comfortable to wear. The fabric and cloth used for making them is extremely durable and hence their capes last longer than usual.

– Reasonable Prices

Another factor that makes K5 the best is the economical prices. You may buy any of your favorite hair capes from them, you will find the prices as the lowest. Ensure to compare the prices of their capes with market prices and you will figure out the massive difference!


To conclude, K5 International is the best brand and destination to buy a professional barber cape in Australia. No matter what sort of haircutting cape you are looking for, it is stocked by them. So, there is no way else to go for professional barber tools. Get the best barber capes from K5 International and fill your hairdressing tool kit with amazing hair capes!


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