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The FIFA World Cup is the highest sporting event in the international football ecosystem. This is why FIFA was very careful when it comes to choosing the qualified teams for the World Cup as well as hailing the overall winner of the tournament.

Today, we will be discussing the team that will most likely win the World Cup, as well as the qualified teams in the tournament along with their betting odds in World Cup 2022.

Which squads have qualified for the World Cup 2022?

Since its establishment, 32 teams are qualified for the World Cup with each of the respective federations having slots for the tournament. Here are the qualified teams for the Wolrd Cup:

In Europe, the qualified teams are Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, England, Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, and Wales.

In North America, the teams that got in are Canada, the USA, Mexico, and Costa Rica. In South America, the squads that will play are Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, and Uruguay.

In Africa, the national teams that will participate are Ghana, Senegal, Tunisia, Morocco, and Cameroon. In Asia, the qualified teams are Iran, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia, and the host country, Qatar. These nations also have betting odds in World Cup 2022 that you can access on the betting sites.

Who automatically qualifies for the World Cup 2022?

Ever since its establishment in the 1930s, FIFA established that the host nation will also be granted an automatic qualification in the World Cup. This rule prevailed even in the 2002 World Cup where the hosting responsibilities were shared by two nations, namely Japan and South Korea.

This rule has been heavily criticized in the past because a lot of people have complained that it would be unfair for the rest of the 31 nations who have to fight their way to the qualification process before being granted a slot.

For the 2022 edition of the World Cup, the host nation Qatar was given an automatic qualification slot for the FIFA World Cup. Qatar is a country in the Gulf region that has no definite football history but has betting odds in World Cup 2022.

How many teams from Asia qualify for World Cup 2022?

The AFC is the football federation for the countries in Asia and it also operates as a governing body that presides over the matters related to the sport but is only limited to its regional jurisdiction.

In Asia, the sport of football is not as popular as the Asia-centric sports like cricket and baseball. As a result, Asian football teams are less popular than their European counterparts. However, that doesn’t mean that the region has no football heavyweights, in fact, they all have betting odds in World Cup 2022.

The nations of Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Japan all qualified for the World Cup including the host nation, Qatar. Meanwhile, Australia which is technically an Asian country has qualified for the Asian slot. All in all, six nations have qualified for the World Cup in Asia.

Who is the World Cup 2022 favorite?

Winning the World Cup is a glorious feat in the football industry, this is why the championship title is the most coveted win in international football. A lot of national teams are battling for supremacy every four years to prove that they deserve to win the World Cup.

However, some national teams just appear to be superior to others due to the strength of their form and the popularity of the players involved. Sportsbooks deemed these teams as favorites which means they have lucrative betting odds in World Cup 2022.

According to the experts and the world rankings, the top three favorites to win the World Cup are—Brazil, England, and France.

Brazil was the favorite to win the World Cup because they hold the world record for having the most win in the World Cup. Additionally, the Selecao has prolific players with the likes of Vinicius Jr. and Neymar.

The FIFA World Cup is a quadrennial event that occurs once every four years. It is fitting that the event has to be meticulous when it comes to selecting its participants. Place your bets now on Casinosingapore.online to maximize your World Cup gaming experience and claim your lucrative bonus!

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