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Today you all are busy in your life having a tough routine, but, when you get a break from an exhausting life routine, you want a place full of fun and adventure to spend your vacation. Here is the best place in Dubai that full of thrill adventure is the desert safari. Dubai offers a lot of opportunity for outdoor adventures. The tour in this desert of Dubai is dipped in the sauce of thrill and adventure. Here are a lot of exciting activities you can do.

Quad bike

The quad bike is a fun four-wheel vehicle of low-pressure tires, with all safety handles quad bike involving riding the vehicle on dunes in safari desert Dubai at a different speed. The fun of riding a massive bike on adventure full terrains without any restriction. It’s one of the popular adventures of safari desert Dubai. There is a lot of things that will make you in love with quad bike experience in Dubai.

This tough, four-wheel bike is full of fun getting out in the real terrain away from traditional routes of desert and crowd also.

It provides you with all safety measures. There is no risk of any type, quad bike is fun riding with family and friends.

Dune Bushing

It is a highly thrilling and pumping activity that must be done with care and safety. This is like off-roading on dunes. Here you get a large car like a land cruiser, Toyota, or a ford bronco. Unless you are a professional driver, you most like to sit on the passenger seats of the car while your driver is doing all the heavy lifting. The driver always will be experienced who will surely provide you with the best comfortable ride in safari desert Dubai. A full speedy ride on dunes gives you another level of thrill and adventure which is perfect for adventure junkies. It’s like a roller coaster in the middle of dunes.

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Sand Boarding

Sandboarding is exactly like snowboarding just replacement of sand. It’s a desert-based activity in which your sliding board slides up and down on the sand mountains and dunes. This support is completely safe for all the ages all you do is strap your boots along the smooth sand board that is easily sliding down the dunes. It’s one of the easy activities in desert safari because you don’t need to know about the drive and hop onto any gigantic vehicle. All you need to do is, grab your board and move freely in dunes as you want. Its solo support in the desert and you also no need for any kind of instructor. Sandboarding is solo support you get amazing deals and offer to allow you to sand board at an economical fare.

desert safari

Camel Ride

A trip to Dubai is incomplete without a safari desert, accompanied by a camel ride experience. While desert safari offers you a lot of thrilling activities, but a camel ride provides you with a completely different experience. Take a journey between the dunes on camelback is totally different. Not only adults but also kids can enjoy it equally because there is always a one-man who holding a camel and gives you the best comfortable ride without any fear of sliding and jumps. If you want an ancient Dubai experience, then there is nothing best than a camel ride in the desert because you can openly enjoy the ride with a full view without any cover.

Henna Tattoo

Well, Henna is mostly famous in Muslim countries, but the Dubai safari desert is also famous for their henna tattoo. The henna painter that will make a tattoo on your hand or feet is professional and its completely painless and natural and interesting thing it’s available in your camping of desert safari. Henna has natural cooling properties so many people use it’s in the desert to make their bodies temperature cool, they make a paste of henna and then apply genteelly on their feet or on palm to get fresh and cool effects. Well, you can choose a different verity of tattoo that you want to make.

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Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is one of the popular cultures of the Arabians. Although belly dancing originated as a social and celebratory dance, it later restricts public places because of the revelling of women’s bodies, but in the safari desert, there are proper shows of belly dancing in which professional belly dancer participate, and you will freely enjoy their dance with full refreshment.

There is a lot of amazing things you can discover in the safari desert you must need to visit desert safari for full adventure full vacation.

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