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A healthy night care routine is a habit that can give you that glass skin that you have always wanted. The right time for the night time regime is just before going to bed. The whole day we tend to expose our skin to many pollutants, UV rays, dirt, and grime but the night is the time that we undo all these things and at night skin wants to breathe and take in some healthy nutrients.  The number of efforts we put in cleansing, hydrating, and moisturizing the more time your skin gets to repair and a little care goes a long way. At night the skin rejuvenates the most, it is the time that all your serums and products work so try to use the products that are more natural. All the beauty and wellness articles suggest that night time skincare has never to be skipped in order to maintain that healthy skin. 

1. Remove your makeup

Eyes are the areas that are the most sensitive skin and is the area that brings wrinkles in the beginning. As we do makeup for a date night or any kind of function, we girls tend to use more sparkles on our eyes which brings that glam but if that is not removed properly it might lead to having dry skin around your eyes and get signs of aging so it becomes even more important to clear all the makeup from your face. 

Many makeups removing wipes have chemicals to remove that makeup off but is not good for your skin, the skin starts breaking out. Hence use some micellar water on a cotton pad and start dabbing it over your face, do not try to rub it instead try to dab and swipe lightly to avoid harsh lines. 

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2. Double cleanser

Use an oil-based cleanser because it helps to do two things- one, provide essential oil to the skin, second, remove the excess makeup or dirt that is left and have not been able to be removed by makeup cleaner. Double cleaning is when you try to remove the makeup and dirt from an oil first to dilute it and then wash your face off using a face wash, this way the skin is all clear to breathe in and absorb all the kinds of natural products you put afterward. It makes sure there is nothing to clog your pores.  

3. Toner

The unsung hero of the night care skincare regimen is truly a healthy step to balance the pH balance of the face. It turns out to be much more helpful for people having oily skin and it also gives a clear skin to prepare it for the steps to be followed further. If you have dry skin use a softener to give you enough oil to fill in the pores that are all clean. 

After patting them dry and clean towel on your face, post the face wash, use a toner or a softener and dab it all over your face, another way is by pouring in some toner in a cotton pad and start swabbing it all over your face. 

4. Serum 

The serum is the most potent step of your nighttime routine, it could help you with many skin concerns. Serums are usually customized whichever problem you are facing with your skin could be resolved by a customized serum. A classic Vitamin C serum or an antioxidant-rich serum could work for all time use. Serum could be used on the affected areas of the skin like an anti-acne or oil-control serum which is completely based on your skin if it is oily or dry or maybe none. Usually, people prefer using a hydrating serum. Most of the beauty and wellness news recommends using MCaffeine’s green tea face hydration face gel to use at night in India, as the brand is growing its customer base by making all the products more natural. 

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5. Moisturize 

It is a crucial part of the night care routine because it provides all the necessary nutrients and enables the skin to combat the extra sebum and oil that the skin produces to fill in the pores. It helps to seal in all the products you have used prior to the moisturizer there is nothing more you need to add after this.

6. Added products

The most neglected part of the face is the lips, whenever you wash your face wash your lips as well, and before going to bed apply a lip balm that locks its moisture in your lips and gives you that smooth lips when you wake up in the morning. Try to use a lip balm only after you have brushed your teeth because any which way it is going to vanish once you brush post lip balm.

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