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Joining your first yoga teacher training could be an overwhelming experience. Researching about it might be creating a lot of hype. There are many things you can expect to experience in your first yoga teacher training course.

The following points can help you have a wider perspective on yoga teacher training course. Read on.

Things You Can Expect On Your First Yoga Teacher Training Course

Having Off Days

Enrolling in a yoga teacher training course does not mean you will be practicing yoga 24*7. You get time to time off days, so that, you can have time for yourself. Weekends are reserved separately for you to go on a nature excursion.

The day might be booked for you to practice yoga. But keep in mind that you will be getting time to rest. It ensures that you regain energy to practice more throughout the day.

Getting Stronger

You practice a variety of yoga asanas in a yoga teacher training course. Whether you were practicing yoga or not, the intensity is going to rise. Thus, you get stronger since your body will build muscles to support complex yoga poses.

You might get a little stiff and sore in the beginning. However, once your body adapts to the training routine, you are on the way to become much stronger. Your body builds more muscle and loses fat to create a sense of balance to your body.

Meeting Like-Minded People

People from around the world join the yoga teacher training course. You come across a collaboration of people having diverse perspectives. It helps you have a wider point of view.

You get knowledge about how people across the globe deal with different problems in their lives. Thus, you learn to deal with the same problems with different approaches. Also, like-minded people help you to push your limits.

Stepping Out Of Comfort Zone

Nothing can be achieved within the circle of your comfort zone. If you have been enjoying a luxurious life, joining a  teacher training could be a whole world upside for you. You might feel a little out of connection in the beginning.

However, once you adjust a bit, you can easily step out of your comfort zone. Attending classes or reading yoga manuals might take you back to your school time. But you will get a hang of it after some time.

Learning Yoga, Not Just Asanas

You might be thinking about yoga asanas when you first thought about yoga teacher training. However, you can expect to learn a lot more than just the yoga poses. You get an in-depth insight into how your brain and body function.

Through deep breathing exercises, you learn to calm your mind. You go through layers of knowledge about yogic elements, practices, philosophy, and much more.

Wrap Up

It could be more than you might have imagined. Still, you should grasp every pint of knowledge like a sponge. Although it is not bad to imagine or speculate about things. However, you should keep your expectation such that you don’t feel utterly amazed when you step into the class.

It is also okay if you are not feeling like teaching yoga right after the completion of your first yoga teacher training course. You need to understand that you will get what you put in. Thus, your growth lies in your hands.



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