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The maintenance of gardens is not something easy and simple to carry out, on the contrary, a garden, no matter how small it may be, needs maintenance that in most cases requires physical and mental effort . In addition, some gardens require more aggressive maintenance, that is, there are gardens that with which we dedicate a couple of days a week, even less, are kept in good condition, while there are other gardens that need more aggressive maintenance, that is, we must invest more time and more days throughout the week to be able to maintain them.

There are many people who are passionate about gardening and have authentic works of art in their homes, but the lack of time means that they have to resort to the services of a professional gardener so that he can keep his garden alive and healthy. Chances are that if you have never hired a gardener you do not know for sure what are the skills they must have as a professional gardener, but you can imagine…

If you want to hire a gardener to take care of your garden, you are in luck because at Wannatry we can help you twice. In addition to the fact that thanks to our tool you can easily find the best gardeners in your area , today we bring you this article to guide you a little more towards the perfect gardener for your garden.

A good gardener must know how to remove weeds.

One of the reasons that plants, shrubs and trees can end up suffering from the unwanted visit of insects, pests or diseases is weeds. It is very important that the gardener you choose knows how to kill them by the roots, since one of the consequences of suffering the unwanted presence of weeds is that they feed on the nutrients that in turn feed the rest of the plants and trees that They are found in your garden, so these nutrients are greatly reduced and, in addition, this type of plant reproduces very quickly and in large quantities, so it can harm the appearance of your garden. Currently, there are many techniques to prevent this type of grass from proliferating, such as gravel, pine bark or drip irrigation. Best Outdoor Living Lounge Sets

You must know how to maintain the lawn properly

Lawn is one of the essential components of a garden, especially if you want to have a very green garden. Many people choose artificial grass or build a tiled garden to save on maintenance, but it is true that a garden with natural and well-kept grass gives a very nice image of the garden.

Although it may not seem like it, grass is one of the plants that requires the most maintenance. The gardener you hire must know that their pruning must be carried out regularly and constantly, but without going too far, it should not be cut much throughout the year and always a third of its length. In addition, you must change the direction of the cut and fertilize the lawn every four or five weeks and its irrigation will depend on the area and the climate in which it is located, so it is important that the professional in charge of its maintenance keep a constant watch on the condition of the lawn and know when to water it. A good irrigation, a good pruning and the application of added nutrients, will make you have a beautiful lawn.

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Well-kept lawn

You have to know the different types of fertilizers for plants that exist
Plants, in addition to needing sunlight, a correct temperature and irrigation adapted to the type of plant, also need extra nutrients to grow healthy and face possible pests that threaten them, and this is achieved thanks to fertilizers, since be they composted or granulated.

Currently, there are two types of fertilizers, on the one hand, organic fertilizers that, as their name indicates, do not have chemical agents in their composition; the most common are usually those of peat, compost, manure, earthworm humus, guano, ashes … On the other hand, the second type of fertilizer that we find are chemicals and compounds, with more than one different nutrient.

Must be able to kill pests that threaten the garden

Pests are the greatest enemy of plants, they can become ill due to the presence of parasites , insects or diseases and end up dying. These pests often have their origin in the climatic conditions, in the quality of the soil in which the plants are found, in irrigation … In reality there are many factors that can cause a pest to appear, so a professional gardener should be able to prevent them and, in the case of not doing so, must be able to put an end to the plague without damaging the plant, so it is very important that you know very well which products should be used and which should not.

You have to choose the right type of watering for the garden

Every self-respecting gardener must have an adequate knowledge of the irrigation methods that exist and in which case they should use one or the other, or simply combine them to have an irrigation system suitable for the type of garden in which they work.

Currently there are four types of irrigation, the first of which is through sprinklers . This system only reaches 6 meters in length and, in addition, there are two types of sprinklers: emerging ones that arise from the ground when they are put into operation and mobile ones, which are usually attached to a hose.

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The second type of irrigation is that of diffusers . It is similar to sprinkler irrigation but the diffusers have less reach and smaller size. In this case yes or yes, they use a pop-up system from the ground. The third type is drip irrigation. In this type of irrigation, a model of hoses is designed that run through the garden from length to width and that are placed at the foot of the plant. In this type of irrigation, plants and trees must be separated from each other and the dripping frequency must be controlled, otherwise puddles can be produced that negatively affect the health of the plants. Finally, underground watering is the most widely used on a garden lawn. This type of irrigation requires the installation of perforated pipes, which are installed between 5 and 50 cm below the surface. The important thing in this type of irrigation is to study the terrain well as this will prevent the perforations of the tube where the water comes out from getting clogged.

Perform tree pruning and plant pruning when required

Tree and plant pruning is something every gardener must know how to do. Plants do not stand alone, they not only need water, nutrients and sunlight, they also need to be pruned from time to time and for this it is necessary to know when to do it, how to do it and in what quantity. If a gardener does not know how to prune plants and trees correctly , it is as if a hairdresser does not know how to cut the tips of a client. If so, choose another gardening professional.

You have to know how to use each and every gardening tool

One of the factors that influence the good work of a gardener, apart from the necessary knowledge of gardening, are the gardening tools that he uses. In an article on our blog we already explained what were the basic gardening tools that every gardener should use in their work routine, for this reason, we encourage you to know what they are and what their functionalities are to know if the gardener really Hire, know how to use them.

Must offer a fair price for your landscaping service

As in all services, in gardening quality is paid. You should bear in mind that gardener work requires great physical effort and that a garden is not maintained in five minutes, so you should bear in mind that the price of the hour of gardening service may vary depending on the experience of your gardener, his specialty and the number of hours he works .

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Gardener taking care of flowers

To be a gardening professional you need motivation and vocation

Do not forget that in order for the gardener you choose to do his job well, he must have a vocation for what he does and must be motivated. If you suspect that among the candidates you find, there are some who do not present these qualities, do not take risks, the health of your plants and your garden in general is at stake and it can be really expensive to leave your garden in the hands of a professional who does not know what you do.

You have to know how to communicate to your client the changes and results of your work

Finally, do not forget that, after all, the gardening professional you hire must know how to communicate what it is doing , what state your garden is in, what changes it intends to make to it, etc. Keep in mind that your garden is something personal and that in addition to communication by him or her to you, there must also be feedback between both of you so that you are able to reach agreements, especially when making changes to the garden.

As you can see, it is easy to know if a gardener is a professional in what he does. One last tip that we give you is that apart from knowing how to do everything that appears in the list that we just showed you, is that you also move around and ask for references about their work, especially from former clients. If he really is a good gardener, he will have no problem giving them to you.

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