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Before knowing about stylish tops for girls or women, it is very vital to know how one can pull off any look without any hassle or by doing anything extra. To keep with the kind of style one has, originality is the main crux of the story. Be it any person wearing any sort of outfit, One should know what their preference is before getting into any sort of fashion trend. Making a clear-cut choice for your very own fashion game is important.

To look sassy, a person needs to carry an outfit in that way. It is the confidence of a person that either makes the game or breaks it. So, to keep up with style and confidence, wearing the perfect garment for yourself is very necessary as that helps in keeping the spirit of dressing up high in a person. With so many options that are available nowadays, one can easily pick up the fashion tops of their choice. Without a delay, let’s dive into some more details about the same.

Top 15 Types of Tops for Women

  • Camisole: This is a tank-top that one can use as top wear for different occasions. The sleeve of such a top is sleek and extremely stylish.
  • T-Shirt: A T-Shirt can never go out of style and forms a major part of the top wear category for women. Wear it for any event or occasion, the charm of this garment remains intact.
  • V-Neck Tops: This is a type of top that has the collar area in V shape. Most tees and some different types of tops have this type of pattern.
  • Tunic Tops: Remember the school uniforms, when we used to wear tunics? A tunic top can serve as casual wear. There are two buttons till the chest area and the garment runs till the knee. One can wear a sleeveless top under a tunic, which gives a stunning look.
  • Button-Down Shirt: This is a simple shirt that has buttons till the area where this garment ends. One can do many styles using this particular type of top.
  • Sweatshirt: During winters, a sweatshirt becomes a top for women. It is both stylish and classy. To add a little more grace to it, buy an oversized one.
  • Bodysuit: This type of top gives a perfect shape to your body. It runs up to the pelvic region and has a button over there.
  • Crop Tops: This is a type of top that reaches the belly of an individual. One looks super cute wearing such tops.
  • Boxy Tops: As the name suggests, these types of tops are box-shaped. Cotton tops for women come in this pattern.
  • Statement Tops: The tops that have intricate designs are known as statement tops. Every special occasion calls for such a garment.
  • Wrap Tops: A top that can be wrapped around the body is hugely popular for those days when one wants to keep it simple and relaxed.
  • Flannel Tops: The checked shirts that are oversized are these kinds of tops.
  • Sleeveless Shirt: This is simply a sleeveless top of any kind.
  • Turtle Neck Tops: These are mostly winter wear for women.
  • Peplum Tops: A very predominant type of clothing that most women acquire in daily wear.
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What to look for while buying these?

A ladies’ top should be made out of the best quality fabric. As it directly touches the skin one should keep in mind to recheck the constituents of the products they buy. Check out the best collection of tops on the official website of Bewakoof. The products online are better, come with many options, and are also affordable.

Grab the latest collection of clothing or women’s tops online. The Tribe Members will get an additional discount on each product. So, get your collection today.

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