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Fundraising campaigns can be a great way to raise money for a cause, a build, a person or family, or an event. They can bring in enough money to proceed with the plans and lessen the financial burden. But to be successful and reach its goals, you need to have a great fundraising campaign that will capture the attention of the public.

Here’s a look at four fundraising ideas that your group could use to help meet its goals.

Host a Massive Community Yard Sale

Yard sales do a good job of attracting people, so imagine if you could host a massive yard sale wherein members of the community can bring their goods to sell for charity. You never know what valuable or exclusive items may be sold, and it’s a way to engage with a lot of people at once.

To gain more traction you’ll need to advertise the event well in advance, especially on popular social media networks. You may even want to appeal to local celebrities to get their endorsement and have them show up at the sale.

Engage with Local Artisans and Crafters

Craft fairs and shows always tend to be crowd-pleasers and tend to pull in impressive attendee numbers. The key is to market the event and make sure there is a wide array of crafts available for purchase. You can engage with the local artisans and crafters, getting as many as possible to take part. Proceeds from ticket sales can go to fundraising efforts, and the artists themselves may choose to donate a portion of their sales.

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Brick Fundraising Offers Unique Recognition

Finding a way to recognize donors publicly can be a wonderful motivator. Brick fundraising involves engraving the donor’s name on a brick that can then be laid in a special place. Perhaps it’s outside a new hospital ward, a school, a community center or any other facility for which the donations are supporting. You can even make anart installation or art piece with all the bricks, displaying the names of every donor involved in the campaign.

A Comedy Night Can Grab People’s Attention

Because most people love a good laugh and a night out, why not combine these two elements into a fundraising event? Organizing a comedy night with proceeds of the ticket sales going to charity can be wildly successful. You can reach out to local comics, and bigger names depending on the size of the venue and your contacts. It can be a single-night event or a multi-night feature.

Take the fundraising one step further by asking attendees to donate extra money through the purchase of food and drinks.It doesn’t have to be comics though, as you can use the same model for singers, karaoke or even a talent show.

The number one tip when coming up with fundraising ideas is to get creative. Don’t be afraid to try a unique idea. As long as you can market it in advance, generate buzz and plan a professional quality event, you’ll be successful.