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Street-facing homes lack privacy. When you live on the ground floor, you can find yourself in troubling situations with strangers unconsciously peeking inside. However, this is not the only issue for people who live on the ground floor. In fact, excessive heat and sunshine can lead to the colour of your furniture to fade. Window frosting is the ultimate solution to these problems. 

If you do not know what exactly is window frosting, it is an amazing way to adorn your home and can be utilised to fulfil all the practical and decorative needs. It is super easy to install and even easier to remove, which means you will not have to pay a high installation cost and allows you to redecorate your windows whenever you feel like. It is not a burden on your pocket. You can get a wide variety of window frosting designs to make it attractive to the eyes.

This blog discusses 6 reasons why you should use a window frosting. The following are those reasons:

To increase privacy

As described above, window frosting is ideal if you want to create protection without restricting light, making it a better substitute to stuffy net curtains or pricey wooden blinds. You might go for a patterned or etch-effect style, as there are several window frosting designs available in the United Kingdom.  

Frosted design is also an excellent choice for restrooms. This option is better and much cheaper than old-fashioned textured glass. Printing companies make a privacy frosting specifically for bathrooms, which is a little more opaque than its standard version but still lets in 70% of the natural light.

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To jazz up your front door

Customised house number or name tags are a cheap and straightforward way to quickly upgrade your front door. They are most commonly seen on the top lights above the conventional hallways, but they also work wonderfully on the side panels of more modern doorways, as well as on the glass inside the door itself. There are all kinds of different fonts to pick from, and you can pick to get a solid name/number on a plain image or a name/number on a frosted image. 

To update cupboards and cabinets

You would not always want to display what is inside your cupboards and cabinets. Sometimes, due to privacy and the other times due to embarrassment. Window frosting designs can ensure your privacy and save ch you from embarrassment. Window frosting may turn the look of glass-fronted kitchen units, particularly if they are packed with pots and pans that you would rather not want to display. It may even be added to glass-fronted cupboards, sideboards and also to bathroom cabinets. If you are tired of your kid’s messy cupboard, then this is the ideal way to hide it. 

To eliminate ugly views

If you have a window that overshadows a dull corridor, a car park, or even a little bit of a lawn that you are not proud of, you can use a window frosting to cover the scene without blinding the sun. It can have a genius impact in city buildings that face the streets and alleys, or the adjacent wall of the apartment.

To add character to your children’s room

Window frosting designs are available with all manner of artistic patterns, from shapes and words to more complex styles such as fish, boats and butterflies. It’s a perfect idea, then, to bring a little liveliness to the children’s rooms, and you can easily strip it away and replace it with a more sophisticated look as the children grow older.

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To reduce glare and heat

Window frosting can be used to minimise the impact of sunshine where appropriate. It’s a convenient alternative for home offices, where sunlight can cause difficulties with computer screens and cause discomfort, and for conservatories or glass expansions that overheat in the summer months. There are a lot of choices, from solar frosting to one-way mirror film, so it’s easy to find something which suits you.

These were some of the reasons to incorporate window frosting designs in your home. Get your window frosting to enhance your privacy without compromising on the design of your home.

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