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Are you a fan of browser-based and computer-based video games? Do you find yourself playing so often that your current hardware isn’t able to keep up with your needs? Games are constantly improving and evolving which means you need a laptop that can keep up with the latest specifications. So, before you shell out for a new gaming laptop, here are some top features you’ll want to be sure it has.

Determine the GPU You Need

If there is one single feature that is important on the laptop, it is the GPU (graphics processing unit). There isn’t a universal answer that is good for all; instead, think about the games you tend to play.  The higher the settings required for the game, the better the GPU you’ll need. Typically it is grouped into three categories which are entry-level, mainstream or highest and VR gaming.

Just As Important Is the CPU

Just as the graphics are important, so are the storage space and RAM – which are determined by the CPU. An easy way to look at this category is to purchase whatever the top end of your budget will allow. The CPU isn’t the feature to cut back on.

Touchscreen Can Be a Useful Feature

As you’re wading through the many gaming laptop options, you will also notice some models offer touchscreen capability. While this isn’t necessary to play games, it can be an incredibly handy feature. Many players find that a touchscreen helps games to feel more intuitive, fun and user-friendly. This Lenovo touchscreen gaming laptop could be what you’re looking for.

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It’s worth noting that the touchscreen capability can also be very useful for other tasks on your laptop, not just gaming. This is important if you plan on also using the laptop for other applications and programs.

Screen Size Also Factors into the Decision

Just as you would imagine, the screen size is important. If you purchase a laptop with a small screen, it can affect the quality of the graphics.It can be hard to see all the small details and cause eyestrain. Ideally, you don’t want smaller than a 15-inch screen.Pay attention to other features such as the refresh rate and the resolution, which will also negatively or positively impact your gaming.

Look for a Laptop That Can Be Upgraded

The final tip is to look for a laptop that can be upgraded down the road should you need it and should the budget allow. This means you can spend a little less up front, still be very happy with your purchase and know that your laptop will be able to suit your needs for at least a few years since you can upgrade the storage and RAM later on.

A Backlit Keyboard Allows for Night-time Gaming

For those who often find themselves gaming in the evening hours, you may want to look for a keyboard with LED backlighting. This provides a soft illumination on the keyboard that is helpful rather than distracting.

All of these features are worth looking into as you search for the perfect gaming laptop to buy. It’s all about finding a device that can keep up with you.