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Driving in a heavy downpour or even in a drizzle can be daunting and can cause severe difficulties while driving. In the US alone, 950,000 accidents happen every year due to bad weather conditions. If you live in a place which experiences rainfalls quite often then you must learn some skills to drive safely in rain.  

Risks and threats to your safety double when it begins to rain or even if it’s not raining but there is water on the streets due to recent downpour.  

Without any doubt, driving slowly is the best way to avoid any accident or mishap. However, there are a few other tips which you should keep in mind when driving in wet conditions. 


Visibility is already badly affected in rainy weather. If you are hitting the road, make certain that the mirrors, windshields, and windows of your car are not obstructing your view. Don’t forget to clean the windshield of your car from both sides. Also, check the wipers of your windshield and look for wear or damage.  

We also suggest you take a brief look at headlights, taillights, turn signals, and tyre tread before driving the car.  

Take the familiar Root 

If you are driving in a heavy downpour, try to take a route which you are already familiar with. When it rains, some roads and streets might be filled with puddles of water. You may have a better idea of a pavement that you come across frequently instead of a route which you don’t know about. You can anticipate any potholes on a road you are aware of compared to one which is unfamiliar to you.  

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Another thing to keep in mind is that the low-lying bridges and underpasses could be filled with water as they are more prone to flooding. So, try to avoid any route that involves underpasses or low-lying roads. 

Turn on Headlights 

New models are equipped with automatic running lights. When you are using the windshield wipers, don’t forget to turn on the headlights as they will open the taillights as well.  

While opening headlights and taillights can come in handy during rainy weather, brighter lights can cause you problems by bouncing off the wet surfaces. 

Don’t Get In Too Deep Puddles 

If you see a puddle ahead, don’t get into it because you don’t know anything about its depth. If you cannot see the markings on the road, it is not recommended to drive on such a road. You can lose control of the car with just 2-3 inches of water on the pavement, especially if your tyre is not in good condition. 

Another problem with getting into deep puddles is that heavier vehicles push the water towards your car which can cause problems for your engine. As a result, your car can experience mechanical failure. 

Don’t panic if it slips 

If your car starts to hydroplane, don’t panic. Stay calm and steer where you want to go. If the car is skidding, it may take some extra force or multiple tries to steer in the way you want to go. Keep turning the wheels in the direction you want to go. Eventually, the car will regain traction with the road. 

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Equip your car with good tyres 

Car tyres play a crucial rule in determining the levels of your safety. High-quality tyres come with a special tread that can resist hydroplaning and channel water out of the way.  

High-quality all-season tyres perform well in moderately wet conditions. If you live in a city or town that experiences mild hot weather and sees fewer downpours, then a pair of all-season tyres might do well for you.  

However, if you live at a place that experiences extremely hot weather and heavy rainfalls, then going for a high-standard summer tyre could be a perfect option for you. These tyres are crafted with a special rubber that has an enhanced ability to resist hydroplaning and maintain traction with wet surfaces. 

You can find a good tyre for your car that has enhanced abilities to resist hydroplaning. For instance, if you own a light truck, you can explore the range of  Dunlop light truck tyres. These tyres are designed to perform in harsh weather conditions. 

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