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Motorcycle trips are popular with people who enjoy riding two-wheel vehicles.

If you are a bike lover and love to go on long road trips and bring your bike to new locations. No matter if you are riding for 250 or 2,500 miles on your motorbike. Learning these bike packing tips will not only save you from the headache of placing luggage But a lot of time as well that will make you focus on things that matters which is enjoying your trip. For saving you the tie & trouble, we have gathered a list of tips that will help you pack efficiently.

1)  Pack Less Clothing

Less stuff leaves more space. There is no go-to cloth packing list for bike trips, but on bikes, you get to experience harsh climates. Make sure you equip yourself properly to deal with that. Consider bringing clothes in the form of sheddable layers, such as a cheap pre-loved wool jumper & extra pair of socks for cold areas, and try donating them once you get in warmer zones. For long trips, give yourself the luxury of some clean shirts, sleeping socks & extra sets of pants for off days.

2) Pick functional bags & tanks

Here comes the time when you have to stop worrying about aesthetics, as it does not always come with functionality. Firstly you need to look for motorbike bags that could be easily attached to your bike, without any risk of falling while driving. Consider using some advanced lock system too, as you may have to sleep in a hostel or accommodation & leaving your thing outside.

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You certainly do not want to wake up the next morning and the next thing you find out is that you have been robbed at night. Make sure you also secure the additional pockets of your luggage as well. Always buy the bag that fits with your vehicle properly then make sure it is made up of quality material, to protect your belongings while driving.

3) Plan For 80%

Plan all of your gears in a way that they are comfortable for 80% of your time. There’ll always be sites during your ride which are the outliers. Make sure you pick up cheap clothes with a few extra layers with you.

4) Share The Weight

Take a tent, shared cooking system, knives, spoons, forks, and toothbrushes. Taking extra things that you can share with others as well as fun and the easiest way for saving weight & space. It makes a lot of good memories and makes your journey safer.

5) Develop a System

For packing efficiently, necessarily require a system that makes you aware of where to look for the things that you need quickly & easily. Pack all of your bags in a way that each of them holds a different category, for example, a tool bag, accessories & protection, toiletries, clothes & documentation. Make sure you put things back in the same bag so you always know where to find them. Anything that you require should be on the top of your bag.

6.  Secure Your Valuables

Save your cash & pricy electronics behind locking saddlebags or a locked compartment. One of the best ways of protecting your valuables is leaving them back at home, in case you have to bring them, ensure that they are at a place that is only accessible to you. Refrain from carrying too many credit cards or cash and always keep copies of your important documents with you.

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7) Less Is More

Always bring the bare essentials things with you on a bike trip, especially if you are going for a long-distance ride. You can always lessen the number of clothes you require if you carry some detergent & wash them on your trip.


8) Carry Bungee Cords & Zip Ties

If you need to carry an amount of clothing with you make sure you get an abundance of bungee cords for securely fastening extra luggage with your bike. You can use these space-saving traveling tips on your motorbike trips this year so you have room for all of your cool souvenirs. Always make sure that you follow all the safety tips and guidelines.

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