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Brain tumors can happen to people of any age group. Moreover, brain tumor surgery varies from person to person depending on the size and location of the cells. There are many myths about a brain tumor that can be hazardous for your health. Hence, knowing them can help you at the right time.

9 Myths About A Brain Tumor
Here are nine myths about a brain tumor that everyone must know:

A Brain Tumor Always Emerges In The Brain

This concept is a myth to a certain extent. Although a brain tumor emerges in the brain, metastasis of cancer in other parts of the body can also cause brain tumors. The one originating from the brain is known as a primary tumor, while the other arising from other organs due to cancer is known as a secondary tumor.

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Brain Tumors Are Deadly

Although brain tumors can be deadly, if the growth of tumor cells increases within the brain, treatment exists. There are many treatments for a brain tumor, such as brain tumor surgery, chemotherapy, medications, etc. Doctors all over the world put their best efforts to give perfect treatment to their patients.

Brain Tumors Arise Due To Past Family Medical History

There are no probabilities or evidence that brain tumors occur due to family history. Although there are chances that this may happen mostly, the causes are external. So, if you are worried that you may inherit your relative’s brain tumor, then you are giving yourself more trouble.

Changing A Regular Lifestyle Can Prevent Brain Tumors

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Lifestyle has never been the cause of a brain tumor and hence, isn’t the solution. However, lifestyle changes are good for one’s overall health. You should exercise daily, do yoga and meditation and quit alcohol and cigarette intake. Therefore, it will keep your mental self at peace and may help to reduce the complications.

Cell Phones Are The Cause Of Brain Tumors

Although the harmful radio frequency vibrations of cell phones can be hazardous for health, it is wrong to say that they can cause brain tumors. The human skull is a powerhouse of calcium, and it has been known that calcium is one of the best absorbers of radiation.

Thus, even if a tumor reaches the brain, the skull acts as a shield. Therefore, there are very slight chances that the radiation of cell phones can cause brain tumors.

Frequent Headaches And Comiting Can Be A Cause Of Brain Tumor

There are almost uncountable causes of a headache such as a migraine, mobile phone usage, etc. Therefore, it isn’t right to say that you have a brain tumor if headaches discomfort you. Furthermore, it is advisable to reach a doctor at the earliest with these underlying conditions to know the actual cause of the unease.

The Signs And Symptoms Of All Tumor Patients Are The Same

Tumors are of different types. They vary in size, location, risk and many other factors. Hence, the symptoms of all brain tumors cannot be the same. In fact, in some cases, signs are not even visible at the first stage, which can later be a threat. Moreover, there are certain instances when symptoms can appear suddenly when a seizure attack is there.

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A Brain Tumor Patient Cannot Be Treated Completely

Over the years, advancement in the medical field is increasing rapidly. Each day something new is discovered for the patient’s sake. Hence, even though the treatments are tough and do not assure complete recovery, there is no evidence that tumor patients can’t be healthy as before.

Practice is the key to success. Therefore, you need to practice complete rehabilitation and follow your doctor’s device, and there will be no stone to block your way. And if you are a non-cancerous tumor patient, then with no doubt, you can be completely treated.

All Brain Tumours Are Cancerous

Brain tumors can be both cancerous and non-cancerous. Cancerous are those which spread and damage other organs while the other one does not. There are numerous cases when the tumor cells don’t create hassle in the brain.

These tumors be eliminated easily with a brain tumor surgery while the other is more complicated. Moreover, it depends on the type of tumor cell with which you are acquainted.


Therefore, these myths are filled in the minds of people. If you want to maintain a distance from any risk, you must know the real facts. It may happen that due to a myth, you don’t pay proper attention to your condition, which may be very harmful to your health and life.

If you suffer from this disease, be in the rehabilitation process even after your treatment because there is always a misconception that life gets normal right after the treatment. Although you can get completely treated, regular check-ups must be in practice.