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In our routine life, we use so many plastic-made products that we don’t realise that most of them are made from Lexan plastic. You will find various products made of Lexan polycarbonates such as kitchenware, DVDs, headlamps and bulletproof glasses. Lexan polycarbonate is one of the widely used plastics in the world. You might wonder what sort of plastic material is this that can protect you from bullets, and at the same time can be used to fabricate delicate DVDs. Isn’t it so contrasting? Yes, it is and the credit goes to its chemical structure formulation and its development process that gives this material tough and flexible features.

Let’s explore more about Lexan polycarbonate.

What Is Lexan Polycarbonate?

Lexan is a brand name; it is not a product. It was introduced by General Electric (GE) in 1960 and they invented this polycarbonate for American Development and Production. Lexan polycarbonate is a resin thermoplastic material. The reason why it has become so famous is its ability to get deformed completely in the extreme heat of 147 degrees Celsius without getting cracked or broken down.  Due to this reason, products made by this polycarbonate do not get affected by external impact. These polycarbonates are available in two variations, such as calibrated sheets and raw materials. Below mentioned are few features of Lexan polycarbonate:

  • Lexan polycarbonate has great impact resistance capacity and that is 250 times better than glass.
  • These polycarbonate sheets are flexible, and not rigid like glass.
  • Lexan polycarbonate has a high heat resistance capacity and can resist heat up to 240-degree F.
  • Apart from that, Lexan is chemical resistant and does not get affected by acids.
  • You can easily drill these polycarbonate sheets, without any risk of cracking.
  • You can bend these sheets without applying heat.
  • These polycarbonate sheets have a low level of flammability and can protect your products from excessive heat.
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So, you can choose Lexan polycarbonate to manufacture your products and you can give the best finish to your products without using heat. But there are some disadvantages and you must know such cons of Lexan. Lexan polycarbonate is not scratch-resistant plastic and they are much expensive than glass and other thermoplastics. These polycarbonate sheets can get affected by UV rays and they cannot provide 100% clarity like glass. But, if you do not want to use them for the decorative project then you can choose these polycarbonate sheets for your protective surface. These sheets can protect your goods or surfaces from excessive heat, and they are much durable than glass or other thermoplastics.

Applications of Lexan Polycarbonate:

You can use Lexan polycarbonate for making various products. You can use these polycarbonate sheets for making window wall covers, automobile windows, drinking bottles, computer cases, phone covers, and transparent helmets for hockey and soccer players, LED pipes and bulletproof glasses. Apart from that, people can also use them for making the cover of their expensive machinery and you can even use them for silicone casting.

Make sure, you cannot use such polycarbonate sheets with different colours, but you can use them to create some reflective mirrors. You can use them for retail signs and boutique mirrors, and they can last for years. You cannot use glass at outdoor signs, and you can use these polycarbonate sheets to give a transparent look to your signs.

How Would You Choose Lexan Polycarbonate?

Lexan polycarbonate is available in the form of sheets and other formats, and you can customize your products according to your needs. They are easy to mould and you can bend them without applying any heat. Make sure, you search for such polycarbonate sheets online and choose the best manufacturer for your business. You can ask for some samples and check their quality, and you must check their reviews and experience level also before you buy.

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So, search them online now and choose the best dealer after checking their reputation.

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