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Dubai is a city built by expatriates to accommodate more expatriates. However, leaving your motherland with everything within your reach and every route you are familiar with, is easier said than done. Amidst these challenging times, it is required for expatriates to be very vigilant when it comes to choosing the place that they call their new home. A lot goes into consideration including your child’s education, estimated price range, the kind of community that inhabits the place and market value of the property to name a few.  We have tried to shortlist some places with decent villa for sale in Dubai that would make yours and your family’s stay much easier.


With one downside of heavy traffic flow, this residential option comes with a number benefits, as it is located in the heart of Dubai and has World’s greatest building Burj Khalifa and world most famous Dubai mall located at the centre of it.

Arabian Ranches

A famous location for western expats, this posh area has everything a perfect residential settlement aspires to contain. With excellent schools, health care units and restaurants, this location is ideal for anyone who wants to make himself at home in a foreign place and due to the fact that it is situated at the outskirts of the city, it further ensures healthy living to its inhabitants.


Despite being located merely a few yards away from the airport, Mirdif is designed in such a manner that noise is not really a problem for its residents. It is one of the most favourite locations among expats, for it provides an extensive range of villas for sale and for rental purposes. Furthermore, there is an excellent mall making Mirdif an extremely welcoming establishment for home sick expats.

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Dubai Marina

Found at the centre of New Dubai, Dubai Marina is a place known for its plush apartments and manmade harbour. A number of extremely great malls add further warmth and colour to this breathtaking location. Dubai Marina is also a popular destination for newlyweds, as it features romantic waterfront villas and apartments.

Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT)

Amidst the overpriced residential spaces in Dubai, Jumeirah Lakes Towers provide an affordable living quality, with high-end amenities along with a panorama of manmade lakes and forests. There are also a great many restaurants and cafes to keep its residents well-nourished and happy.

Emirates Hills

This serene-looking district is yet another that closely resembles a fairyland. Emirate Hills is divided into two residential areas, The Springs and The Meadow. Emirates hills are located outside the city, providing its tenants with the ambience that is divorced from the hustle-bustle of the city.

Al Barsha

If you are someone who is looking for a place to accommodate your family, then Al Barsha should be added to your list of consideration, because this community facilitates its residents with everything from recreational sports complex to some renowned academic institutes.

Dubai Sports City

Heaven for extroverts and people with sports-oriented minds, Dubai Sports City is rightfully famous in Dubai and even world over. This spacious residential space is loaded with gymnasiums, sports arenas and humongous stadiums. Moreover, getting your own residency in Dubai Sports City is surprisingly very easy and pocket friendly.

Moving away from home either for better career opportunities or family planning is considered incredibly challenging, as the cultural shock can take years to subside. One should not feel ashamed and doubt their ability if they are not certain about moving out, therefore it is advisable to first get an apartment or villa for rent in Dubai, before practically owning a place in Dubai.