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Like every place of the world, Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25 in the UK. In most of the countries of the UK, this mirthful season commences at Advent. During this time, holy coronal are made with one white, one purple and three pink candles.

We see shops selling Christmas decorations in the mid from November up to the enthusiastic Christmas holidays, which sparkle each day and fill them with happiness.

While celebrating Christmas we, however, tend to focus on the sources of entertainment such as Party, Games, food, dance and music. Still, we often forget about those who have no mean to enjoy this festival and usually deprive of contentment.

Christmas is a celebration to share harmony, love and support them with the giving of essentials such as food, clothes and many other worthy things. Do not consider the poor, though they know that God has given them strength, enough to fight their condition.

We know Christmas brings a time of laughter, joy, love and giving, but this narrative for the festival is not common among all out there. Many of us are still marginalised in terms of celebration. We have to have some focus on their happiness also.

Through this blog, I shall be highly obliged not only to take you towards the extreme conditions of poor and find the solution that meets the resolution of their situation and mark the role of finance in this run. Also, the hard times come along the way of isolation imposed by the pandemic.

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Main troubles deprived faces the most

During Christmas, a general concept is that every individual of the UK just enjoys this celebration, but this is not true. It is lonely and worthless for people who live a marginalised life where they have no access to these social gatherings due to the unfair treatment in society.

Low-class status-low salary or no wages

This inequality may be raised because of low class, lack of Social fame or looks. This is the reason why depression or other mental health issues are commonly seen during the holidays.

Due to the least pocket, the excitement for Christmas is blurring year by year. While many of us spend time celebrating and having fun with family and friends, eating food

Still, many people cannot enjoy and complement this. Even they seek help from the people and borrow money to buy some happiness for their kids.

For those who are family destitute

Instead of a feeling of joy, Christmas can be a difficult time for people’s lack of happiness, love and acceptance in their lives.

Christmas is a time where many of their relatives and friends surround them, and some are alone, living isolated without family, friends or other individuals by their side.

It also describes the comparison of the marginalised lives and the privileged groups and distinguishes their current positions in society.

Even for different community

When we talk about privilege, we should also consider the atrocities and loneliness faced by the LGBTQ community. The young, queer individuals, who are homeless, face severe challenges during this time.

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As per the National Coalition for the Homeless, no less than 40% of the homeless young population identified as LGBTQ, which is a drastic jump.

Christmas is a challenging time for them since their families do not accept them. If you are willing to provide them with a helping hand, then there are numbers of LGBTQ organisation through which we can correspond with them.

Colour discrimination

White people cannot leave the non-whites due to their off white complexion, as they are also noteworthy for the country. Extremism and stereotypes for non-white people is still there, and they are denounced to attend every occasion.

In a nutshell about the vulnerable

Even so far, Christmas is the time when we can compare the distinctions between “haves or have nots”. Though poverty is a massive, worldwide problem in all countries and of course seems more like nemesis during the festive season.

We intend to the gimmick of buying expensive gifts and huge arrangements, but often forget to invest such money in projects that can provide likelihood for poor people and alleviate poverty.

It is also important to remember the fact that not everyone celebrates Christmas, even if they are Christians. It is a Christian holiday, and we cannot impose it on non-Christians. Instead of looking at them with shame, we should respect their religious faith an also interests.

It is mandatory too, while we are bring indulged in the holiday season, should not forget the conditions of underprivileged. We should need to burst the balloons of privilege and ignorance and take charge in the direction to help the vulnerable in their struggles.

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Financial aid

If someone is vulnerable and hardly earn social respect due to the lack of money, he can expect financial support in the form of Christmas loans from an external source.

Several direct lenders and many other lending companies are working in this direction. They are providing abrupt money approvals. You do not need to go anywhere to acquire it as they are available on your doorsteps.

Therefore, one who is deprived and one, who is willing to help the deprived, both can avail this doorstep loan like provident facility and enjoy the Christmas.


Thence we should enjoy the Christmas holidays by sharing your life moments or make other’s favourable and memorable with your giving in the form of monetary help or any further assistance. Imparting happiness with less fortunate is the best way to celebrate a festival.

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