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Cheating is the most damaging, traumatizing, and soul-shattering encounter for anyone in a marriage. A spouse means a lot, as he/she is the one you have to spend a lifetime, sharing your joys, sadness, and accomplishments in every stage of your life. When you start developing doubts about a third person in your marriage, the overthinking is enough to make you go crazy in the head. It makes you get obsessive with each move of your spouse, which is exhausting and draining.


You may get hints of your spouse’s infidelity by feelings of distance, rejection, bitterness, unempathetic behavior, and a lack of effort. These feelings aggravate the emotions of betrayal and distrust towards your spouse that only leaves you stranded in an ocean of pain, insecurities, and self loath. At this stage, there are two possibilities. Either your spouse is going through a midlife crisis, or he/she is having a love affair behind your back.


How can you distinguish between a mere misunderstanding or an ugly truth? Private detectives carry out cheating partner investigations often, which is a sad reality of our society. According to the expertise of professional private investigators, the following are some common tell-tale signs that will help you in finding the truth in your doubts.


1)  Absence of sexual satisfaction:

This is one of the initial signs that indicate there is something fishy going on with your spouse. Yes, it is fairly common to not be in the mood sometimes, but if it is consistent and without any genuine reason, a lack of sexual desire from your spouse’s side may indicate the involvement of another person. The absence of sexual gratification can be a result of exhaustion and guilt caused by infidelity.

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2)  Seeking of sexual encounters elsewhere:

According to research, men tend to get bored with having intimate encounters with the same woman in the bond of marriage. It leads to a spouse looking for sexual encounters with someone else and not their wife. There are also chances of married women seeking intimate relationships outside the bond of marriage. In either case, sexual affairs develop a sense of detachment between the couple and cause indifference among them.


3)  Frailing emotional connection:

A lack of sexual intimacy is not the only reason that pushes a spouse towards infidelity. Emotional connection is a bonding factor that maintains and strengthens the relationship of a married couple. However, if you notice a change in the way your spouse talks about his/her emotions, and there is an absence of communication, an extramarital affair can be the culprit.


4)  Quest of emotional validation:

Seeking emotional validation is also a product of a weakening emotional bond between the couple. A spouse that is not satisfied with the emotional connection will look for validation outside his/her partner. When this happens, a person feels dejected. At this point, it becomes clear that the spouse is a cheat and is most probably involved in an extramarital affair.


5)  The pursuit of new adventures:

Even when a person is married, the urge to measure their sexual prowess through any means can make them cheat on their spouse. Once a spouse gets the taste of this avenue, he/she gets addicted to regular sexual challenges. If you notice your partner comparing your attractiveness with how other people look, devalue your efforts and keep complaining about how your love is not enough, confront as soon as possible as these are the signs of an unfaithful spouse.

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If you are observing signs that match the above list of obvious cheating indications, you may want to hire a private investigator who will help you gather proofs and get the justice you deserve!

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