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Traveling to Asia in winter has fantastic advantages, for example, big holidays and fewer tourists. Besides, if you don’t like the low temperature and the terrible lack of sunshine in winter, you can always head to Southeast Asia, where the weather is pleasant in the dry season. Most parts of Eastern Asia face cold and even snow in winter. At the same time, the peak season develops in Thailand, Vietnam, and other attractive destinations. Although the equator runs neatly across Indonesia, most of Asia lives in the northern hemisphere. In this part of the world, “winter” still refers to December, January, and February. During this event, popular destinations across Asia became busier. Even for people who are far away, the number of people arriving in Asia countries will increase during the holidays. Let’s see the best Asian ski resorts to visit in winter.

Experience the thrill of skiing in the top-ranked Asian Resorts

Alshan Alpine Resort for Skiing 

Mongolia, China: The Ashan Ski Resort near the border with Mongolia has endless snowfall. The slopes are always full of fresh powder, so this is a paradise for skiers. Coupled with the stunning mountain landscape, this is a refreshing ski place. Alshan is used as a training ground for the Chinese National Ski Team and Olympic Ski Team, which will become a vital thing for advanced skiers. You will head to the western mountain terrain specially designed for ski competitions. Here, you can find 5.5 square kilometers of ski slopes, including multiple alpine and cross-country ski trails.

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Nozawa Onsen and Niseko

Hokkaido, Japan: In addition to skiing, those seeking a unique experience will love Japan’s Nozawa Onsen. Have you ever heard of snow monkeys? That’s right! These animals like to bathe in the nearby hot springs, which is very attractive. Known as the “Japanese Alps,” the area is popular due to its diverse operations, adventurous snow parks, and guarantees of stopping snow until the end of April. Due to the outbreak of winter storms in Siberia, the Niseko resort has become one of the world’s snowiest resorts. It is also one of the few ski resorts in Japan with a lively nightlife, explaining why it is the most popular ski resort in Japan. Regular people are keen to ski into deep chest dry powder without resistance. Niseko is also famous for cross-country skiing and night skiing.

Yong pyong Skiing Resort

Gangwon-Do, South Korea: Yongpyong Ski Resort is the oldest resort in Korea. This is a top-rated holiday destination and is often chosen as a destination for international competitions. The 1999 Asian Winter Olympic Games were held here.

The resort has 31 slopes spread over 1,620 hectares of land. This is equivalent to about 25 kilometers of skiing potential, including a 6-kilometer trip along the Rainbow Ski Trail, which advanced skiers will enjoy. To get there, go to Seoul by making Hawaiian Airlines Reservations and rent a car. You will reach Yongping in about two and a half hours. If you don’t want to drive, please take one of the daily shuttle buses from Seoul or Hwenggye to the resort. These Asian ski resorts are expected to leave a lasting impression on the most dedicated skiers. Your skiing experience will be unique and novel, so don’t be surprised if these world-class resorts set a precedent!

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Gulmarg Slopes

Kashmir, India:  Gulmarg was a hill station where British colonists escaped the summer heat. Today, this is a world-class ski resort, covered with fresh powder from the Himalayas, attracting homeless people who are tired of queuing up the mountain gondola and hot pot.

The resort’s reputation is the Gulmarg Gondola, which is the highest ski lift in the world, with an altitude of 3979 meters. At the highest station, skiers can take a challenging run against Nanga Parbat, the ninth highest mountain in the world. Gulmarg was intermittently plagued by rebellions, resulting in a security lockdown that could last for several months, but it did not stop the 400,000 fearless skiers who participated in the gondola last year.


Japan: The Appi Kogen is spread over 282 hectares of huge land and offers 21 ski trails, each of which can travel an average of 2 kilometers, making it the longest ski trail in the country. Skiers who prefer a little space will like these slopes because they can be relatively empty even during the peak season. You can expect to find fresh dry powder throughout the year, and the slopes of Xisen Mountain are steep, and even the most advanced skiers have to face challenges. After skiing, you can enjoy some cross-country skiing activities, such as hot springs (a famous hot spring in Japan), sledding and snowmobile courses. There is also a dairy farm that provides quality cheese and ice cream. Make Spirit Airlines Reservations and visit one of these Asian ski Resorts to enjoy the winters.