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The global influencer market grossed about 8 billion dollars in 2019 and is expected to double its worth by 2022. Instagram alone has about 500,000 active influencers, which the fashion industry uses to improve brand awareness and product sales. What’s more, many businesses are churning enough ROI from influencer marketing to keep this trend up.

All in all, there has never been a better time to put your social traction and love for fashion to good use. Here are some tips on how to become a fashion influencer.

Up your style game.

Being an influencer doesn’t end with a couple of thousand social media followers. You can be buzzing and still not tickle a fly when it comes to arousing the purchasing interests of your followers. As you beef up your online accounts, it helps to also have extensive knowledge about your projects before engaging.

Let’s say you’re running a project to advertise petite dresses for women. It might not be enough to take great ‘petite’ pictures. Go the extra mile to know the ideal petite size and select styles for petite women. You might as well be petite yourself to play the part. It all feeds into your personal style and the believability of whatever you say about petite dresses.

Be creative.

Visibility is a crucial part of marketing. Keep in mind that this applies to every marketing practitioner, including the fashion influencer, whether you’re skilled or not. For starters, you can opt for web-based design platforms like Lucidpress.

With platforms like this, half of the work is already done. You can find an easy-to-edit template for your gift card, flyer, give-away coupon, brochures, etc. They usually have upgraded versions to get more sophisticated as you gain a hold of your design lessons.

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Also, open yourself to design learning spaces. Part of having a personal style is your ability to communicate that style with mock-ups and design drafts. As your followers learn more and enjoy your content, you can even create merchandise for them to patronize and earn some money. Luckily, education technology has given almost everyone unlimited access to digital learning platforms, where you can take a free graphic design course and study at your own convenience.

Be reachable.

One of the essentials to cross off the fashion influencer starter pack is a niche. When you have a niche, prospective fans may have it easier discovering your digital content, compared to an all-over-the-place sort of influencer. It also makes it easier to attract aligned brands.

That said, it always helps when fashion influencers are clear about their branding. Thus, check your color scheme, messaging, logo, etc. Consistency in brand management counts a great deal. As a fashion influencer, the impact of brand consistency through your content creation and other functions cannot be understated.

Create a community.

Online believability

Online believability studies show that about 70 percent of Gen Zs on social media trust influencers more than established brands.

As a fashion influencer, your strong opinions against the use of wool as a material may also attract several sustainability-conscious fashion lovers.

So, it pays not to go easy on what you believe and your definition of what’s what in the fashion space. Attracting someone to your community might be easy, but keeping them is often where the problem arises. As a fashion influencer, you need to offer great customer service just as much as any other business. If you listen to your community enough and give them the value they desire, they’ll most likely repay with loyalty for a long time.

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However, building a community is easier said than done. Based on your personal style, it requires painstaking efforts to identify which type of community members you appeal more to. Adequate knowledge about your ideal community member does the trick. The secret of building a thriving online community is to serve them a daily dose of you with every single effort.

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