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UAE has been widely recognized as the world’s largest trading hubs backing imports and exports of various products worldwide. The local and foreign merchants are presented with a wide window of lucrative opportunities in manufacturing, trading, distribution, and re-distribution of products. Keeping these factors in mind, the product registration in Dubai for various product categories, including cosmetics, food, and healthcare items, is tremendously supported by the governmental authorities. This holds true for all the commodities produced and distributed in the UAE. Let’s see why it is so important and how it can benefit the new investors in their trading activities.

Significance of Product Registration in UAE

The UAE government has made the product registration in Dubai a prerequisite for all the traders and merchants before manufacturing, importing, exporting, re-distributing, and marketing their products in the UAE, making it one of the most business-friendly countries in the GCC region.

Product Registration

Product registration ensures that every product circulated within the boundaries of the UAE is of high quality, free from contamination, and safe to use for all citizens. This process is very lengthy and requires the submission of various documents while being closely monitored by several authorities, especially the Dubai Municipalities (DM).  Thus, before planning your Business Setup in Dubai, you must complete your product registration process to have smooth access to the GCC markets.

Benefits of Product Registration in UAE

There are numerous factors that explain why investors all across the world prefer Dubai for their product distribution. Some of these motivating factors are as follows:

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Increased Demand Calls for Increased Profits

A considerable number of local and international customers are willing to pay premiums for high-quality products. This calls in a significant chunk of profits from all the stages of trade, including manufacturing, importing, and distribution of everyday goods, never leaving traders with a loss.

Support from Government

The government of Dubai is very supportive and encouraging of the ex-pats, bringing in more businesses to the local industry. Although the product registration in Dubai is a long procedure, the authorities ensure new entrants smoothly go through the process without disruptions in their business goals. Every new entrant is allowed to register in all the areas of Dubai Mainland and some of the free zones. Where hired a local corporate consultancy firm, investors can further ease this process. These firms help you register your products efficiently and in a more timely manner.

Equally Profitable for SMEs and Large Corporations

Business Setups in Dubai, irrespective of the size and industry, can benefit from registering their products in the UAE. As registering eases, the flow of goods locally and internationally, so once the authorities approve your registration application, you can expect a good profit from imports, production, distribution, and re-selling of your products.

Quality Assurance

The product registration is a time taking procedure and requires approvals from the federal and various other authorities. The strictness in their policies aims to provide high-grade products to every citizen while also maintaining and enhancing the authenticity of the UAE products in the international markets. Also, the quality assurance is evident by no additional registration or assessment procedures in the GCC region once your products are successfully registered in the UAE.

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Tax Benefits

Merchants and traders can freely carry out imports, exports, distribution, and redistribution activities in the UAE without paying a huge chunk of their profits in taxes. Although some of the items are subject to taxation, the tax amount is substantially lower than other nations, which is easily manageable for business setups of every scale.

Tax Benefits on Product Registration

Brand Protection and Hassle-Free Trade

With an increase in the volume of Business Setups in Dubai, the product supply and circulation have also tremendously increased. The government of the UAE actively regulates the market to ensure brand and label protection for each investor. Moreover, registered products in Dubai exclusively leverage seamless trade locally and internationally without discrepancies.

The above discussion clears why Dubai and many other emirates have been an ideal choice of prospective investors; for manufacturing, trading, and distribution activities.  The exclusive locations and entrepreneur-friendly policies further support this choice. You must not get intimidated by the procedure, as the benefits of product registration in Dubai exceed all the exhausting tasks that you’ll require for completing your registration procedure. However, you have the option to unload the burden off your shoulders and get assistance from local consultancy services such as the Corporate Trade House (CTH). Such consultancy corporations are equipped with extensive market knowledge, and far-reaching networks locally and abroad can effectively help your product registration process seamlessly.