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Cosmetic “Careprost Eyelash Serum” is employed to stimulate the expansion of hair and eyelashes. It provides a reasonably immediate effect – within four weeks, while the maximum result’s achieved in 10-12 weeks.

Consumers report a coffee level of risk of side effects. But to require advantage of all the benefits of this serum, it’s necessary to store it correctly and carefully check the period of Careprost. This may allow to timely prevent undesirable consequences against the background of the employment of an expired drug.

the shelf  life of Careprost Eyelash Serum

“Careprost Eyelash Serum”: how long is that the drug stored while maintaining its effectiveness?

The period of “Careprost” is two years. The drug contains in its composition a particular substance – an answer of benzalkonium chloride. It’s an antifungal and antiseptic effect and contributes to preserving beneficial properties for an extended time. Because of this component, the consistency and color of the whey are maintained.

The validity period of “Careprost Eyelash Serum” also depends on the conditions within which this cosmetic product is stored. Therefore, you must follow the recommendations laid out in the instructions. Otherwise, besides changing the substance’s consistency, an uncharacteristic unpleasant odor may appear, which may persist after applying the merchandise to the skin and hair.

How to store Careprost correctly?

Consumers must make sure that the foundations for their storage are observed in the whole period of use of this product.

Drops should be kept only in their original packaging – they must not be poured into another bottle to forestall the loss of the serum’s beneficial properties.

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To store cosmetics, you wish to settle on an area that will be continuously protected against direct sunlight.

The optimum air temperature within the room should be from +3 0 C to +25 0 C – it’s during this mode that the beneficial properties of the components of the Careprost Eyelash Serum are best preserved.

Medium humidity (do not allow the serum bottle to be in an environment with high humidity for a long time).

It is forbidden to feature various vitamins and useful elements on your own, wishing to hurry up the result.

where is Careprost stored

Users note that it’s precisely within the have to ensure special storage conditions for this substance that the most inconvenient of its use lies. Indeed, thanks to this feature, the bottle can’t be continuously carried with you to be able to regularly apply the serum to the specified areas, as an example, during long trips.

After each application of the merchandise to the body’s corresponding areas, it’s necessary to tightly close the bottle to stop rapid evaporation or leakage of the substance. Additionally, don’t allow foreign components to enter the liquid. So, some people try and independently enhance the effectiveness of drops by adding additional features, trace elements, and vitamins to their composition. But they do not consider that the mix of contemporary elements with the substances initially included within the serum can give an unforeseen result, which can require serious enough treatment to eliminate.

If you utilize “Careprost Eyelash Serum” after the expiration date or quite six months from the date of opening the bottle – during this case, the effectiveness of the active ingredients is significantly reduced. The validity period of Careprost According to user reviews is less convenient to use drops – the consistency doesn’t allow you to quickly and evenly apply it to a tiny low area (for example, on the upper eyelids or above the upper lip). Additionally, the liquid is way worse absorbed by the epidermis cells and, accordingly, spreads over the skin. Due to this, the procedure needs to spend longer and energy, and also, the effect will be a little noticeable even after several months of everyday use.

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When using the Super Lash, the period depends on when the package was opened. During this case, the duration of its use is merely six months – irrespective of whether the temperature and other requirements for storing the liquid are observed. After the expiration of the desired period, it’s forbidden to use the substance to the skin and hair – even in small quantities.

If the storage conditions of Careprost Eye drops recommended by the manufacturer are violated, replace such a bottle. Neglect of those rules often ends up in a change within the beneficial properties of the components. As a result, efficiency decreases—additionally, the risk of side reactions of the skin and hair follicles increases.

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