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It’s said that your eyes are a reflection of your soul. No wonder there are so many couplets and poems dedicated to that one part of the face — one that gives away your heart’s desires often without having to resort to words. Decorating eyes with kohls and kajals has been in vogue since times immemorial. The eyeliner, eyeshadow and other eye makeup were added later on. But, even then, it is safe to say that kohling or lining your eyes have been around for quite some time. 

What if we said that you could do your entire makeup with eyeliner? Yep, no eyeshadow, no other thing. Or that you could even pull off the smoothest of eye makeup tricks using just one or two products? Not only is it a great idea if you are a minimalistic person, but also saves up a lot of money, especially if you are tight on budget but right on techniques. 

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start with this interesting blog where we are going to tell you all about eyeliner tips and tricks and how it can be the main man, as far as your makeup is concerned.

Best eyeliner tips for a foolproof eye makeup

Here are some of the eyeliner tips that can help you ace your eye makeup.

Eyeliner tip 1: Wing it

You know they say that wings are for pros. Wrong. Anyone can wing it with style. All you have to do is follow certain tricks. Don’t start drawing your eyeliner from the inside of the eye to the outside. Instead, start with the wing. Once you get the wing outline right, fill it in, and then take the line from there to the inner corner. There, you have your perfect winged eyeliner, in a matter of minutes, with absolutely no fuss. 

Eyeliner tip 2: Post-it, anyone?

Post-its are super handy, especially if you are someone who keeps forgetting stuff. Post-its ensure that you can drop physical reminders as and when you remember them, and drop them at the right place via a post-it paper. Guess what, you can also use it to apply your eyeliner. This is great for those who have clumsy hands and cannot hold the eyeliner steady. And of course, if you can’t do that, the eyeliner is bound to get smudged. You’ll either wipe it and apply again, or just ditch it altogether. But why do that when a simple post-it trick can get it together? Simply put/paste lightly the post-it diagonally along the lower lash line. Once that’s done, use your favourite eyeliner to draw the wing along the lines of the post-it paper edge. Once your wing is done, carefully peel the paper away, complete the eyeliner and you are done!

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Eyeliner tip 3: Taut lids

If you want your eyeliner to not smudge, make sure your eyelids are taut. The reason being, applying eyeliner on loose eyelids is difficult. And this is universal no matter which texture you pick; liquid, crayon, etc. Even the quick-drying ones need a few seconds, and if you apply those on loose lids, it is going to seep into the delicate creases and ruin the whole look. Not to forget it would be a pain to come off as well. In that case, the best thing would be to stretch and make the skin taut and then draw a straight line along the lashes. There, it is as simple. And then you can use the other eyeliner tricks to pull off a wing.

Eyeliner tip 4: Smokey eyes

Imagine a scenario. You are tired at work and your colleagues plan an on-the-spot party. What do you do? Of course, no one can turn into a glam princess at the flick of the wand. Even Cinderella needed a fairy godmother. But, you have your wand right with you. Your eyeliner! If you have a pencil or retractable eyeliner which is not liquid in texture, you can pull off a smokey eye in just a few steps, with just one product. All you got to do is first create a wing and then smudge it out with inward strokes. If you want more definition, after smudging, line your eyes again. There, super easy!

Eyeliner tip 5: Join the dots

This one is the favourite technique of makeup experts. If you are a makeup noob, this is one tip that they would recommend and you can use it to create expert eyeliner wings in no time. Just create a couple of dots, mostly 4 to 5 on the upper lash line. Make sure they are close to each other and at the same level. Then join those to form a perfect line. It’s quite like the join the dots game that we used to play in childhood. Works just as well in our adult makeup games.

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Eyeliner tip 6: Use a powder

Not as the liner itself, but to set it. If you have oily lids, your eyeliner is going to smudge. But not if we have our way and tell you the trick that can help you liner stay for long. Clean your eyelids and apply a thin layer of foundation. Dust some setting powder. Then start with your eyeliner. If you want, apply some taupe or natural shade of eyeshadow to ensure that your eyelids do not look washed out. This will make sure that your eyeliner stays on for a long time and does not smudge.

Eyeliner tip 7: Tightline

Now, this is a technique that not many are aware of. You have applied the liner on your upper lash line. But, what about the waterline? No, we aren’t just talking about the lower waterline that you kohl. Let’s switch the sides and talk about the upper waterline. Yes, the one you ignore. It often stands out as an artificial gap, one that you can fill with the liner and get a more intense yet softer look. Do yourself a favour and tightline. It is a great technique that makes your eyes appear bigger and more beautiful. Also, if you have smaller eyes, you can run a taupe or white liner along the upper and lower waterline for a large-eye effect.

Eyeliner tip 8: Do not miss the tear duct

Do you know tear wing is a thing? Yes, now we don’t just create an outer wing but even one on the inner corner. Take a cue from Deepika Padukone’s Cannes look where she flaunted the eyeliner look effortlessly. You too can do it. But, even if you are going for a simple lined look, do not forget to take the liner near the tear duct, or else it would look bare and incomplete. The whole purpose of eye makeup is either to be natural or dramatic. In either case, the tear duct should be covered. So, natural eye makeup or an intense one completes the line.

Eyeliner tip 9: Use multipurpose eyeliners

If you are someone who doesn’t like to use many makeup products, chances are you are not going to hoard up a separate kajal and eyeliner. In that case, it would be better for you to invest in one product that can serve both purposes. But, sometimes, you can indulge in shades other than black as well. Now, while purchasing an eyeliner that you can also use on your waterline as kohl, you have to take a look at the ingredients. Do not purchase the ones with toxins such as parabens, alcohol-based ingredients, and the likes. Your eyes are the most delicate part of your body. You don’t want so many chemicals to go in, especially when you are using it both outside and inside the eyelids.

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Line your eyes, the sustainable style

So, what do you do when you are looking for a product that is guilt-free, toxin-free and cruelty-free? You pick up a clean beauty brand. A clean beauty brand is free of toxins and sources its ingredients ethically, without harming the planet in the process. One such brand is Kiro Beauty, striking a perfect balance between science and nature. 

Our pick for an intense look is the Kiro Beauty All-Day Comfort Kajal Liner. You can use it to create that effortless smokey eye and both to tight line and lash line your eyeliner. For a punch of colour, there is Kiro Beauty Hi-Def Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil imbued with the benefits of argan oil and vitamin E, and comes in striking colours such as blue and purple, apart from the basic brown and black. And the best of all, the liquid liner with a gorgeous satin finish, the Kiro Beauty Liquid Pen Eyeliner in Carbon Black, which is the best waterproof eyeliner and perfectly intense if eyeliner is the only thing you want to do.


You can even pick up Kiro Beauty Longwear Brightening Eyeshadow Sticks in various shades, that can also double up as highlighters and also as light eyeliners if you wish to use gold, bronze, and peachy shades. Take your pick.


All Kiro Beauty products are created using the best natural ingredients, such as jojoba oil, rosehip oil, shea butter, mango seed oil, etc, and are vegan and cruelty-free, so that you get the best finish and longevity, without any guilt. 


Go clean, go sustainable. Go beautiful in the true sense. And let these eyeliner tips lead the way.

Shabbir Ahmad

Shabbir Ahmad is a freelance enthusiastic blogger & SEO expert. He is the founder of Shifted Magazine & Shifted News. He contributes to many authority blogs including porch, hackernoon & techcrunch.