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Hygiene plays an important role in whether we realize it or not. Having an unhygienic and badly maintained area in the public area puts a negative impact on the judgment-making abilities, reduces evaluation, the willingness of making any purchase, and decreases the chances of paying for a service or the product as per the reports of the surveys.

People often ignore going to the places which have poor hygiene system and statistics has shown us the drop of almost 71% shoppers in that place over time.

The retail industry is successful through the achievement of return business where the key is profitability and this gets a hit on by being negatively popular for poor hygiene levels and maintenance. Few ways in which the business face a loss is:

  • Customers will now some other nearby store which makes your competitors stand strong in the market or they choose online shopping options.
  • Even if they are coming, they are unlikely to spend more time there which greatly reduces their overall spending.
  • New customers unaware of the condition will not go happy due to the incomplete or false facilities due to which the customer will not come again.
  • During the festive time, people avoid these kinds of places even more as the place might be crowded by first-time visitors or the sale freaks who are putting their health in danger.

Basic Threes

The three basic places which come into the usage the most are entrances or exit points, escalators, and cash desks.

The entrance to any retail store sets the mood of the customer, make sure to install an air conditioning Sydney right overhead of the entry so that they will feel fresh clean air with an optimum temperature maintained. Make sure the temperature isn’t too low, warm welcomes are still loved and it reflects your brand and how you will treat them open-handed.

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80 percent of infectious disease starts just by touch. Keep a sanitizer at the doorstep so the customer can get rid of any germs and further transfer of it as germs are known to live on a surface for up to 48 hours.

The high proximity touch areas such as counters or handrails have to be dirt-free and all the handprints and streaks whipped off for keeping it shining as that will be amazing in making a good reputation of the customer’s first glimpse. Some other things which can help you with are:

Keep an entrance mat and that will help you in two ways. 90 percent of the dust and dirt comes into any building is through the shoes of the visitors, the entrance mat will take care of the most of it.

The other advantage you would have would be brand reputation as it will make the customer feel that you have added a little bit of consideration and care just upon entering the store.

False odor or poor air quality can set off the mood of your customer and gives them the perception of a dirty and unhygienic environment. Be sure that your conditioner has air filters and is working fine. Apart from that, you can also place indoor plants around the store.


Be it your home or a retail shop, the toilets are the first place to tell you the condition of the place you are and they are the deal maker or breaker. A good washroom which looks good smells good and feels fresh adds a pleasant shopping experience for the customer and plays a pivotal role in the visitor’s time and money spending activities.

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Apart from the impact, it is also essential for the health of the customers as well as the local employers as this place will be used by almost every alternate person.

Cleaning of the washrooms should focus more than just getting rid of the visible shoe dirt. Complete sanitization, feminine hygiene facilities, handles, and clean sink areas, sanitary waste disposal are the key factors here. If not maintained properly, you will see your customers leaving before making any purchase, putting you at a loss.

Eating Areas

Kitchens is the place that provides comfort to every individual with various options to choose from and have a nice dining experience in the food courts. But food attracts bacteria as well and researches have shown us that at such places, the levels are almost 1000 times more than the standard acceptable ones.

Food hygiene and safety are critical for management because even a slight mistake or casual approach can put your customer in threatening scenarios of allergy or food poisoning.

Be sure that all the tables and chairs are wiped with disinfectant after the customer is done with his meal. Ensure the good air quality in the food courts by putting green plants around for fresher air and installing ducted air conditioning Sydney for maintaining the temperature along with air filtration.