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Painting vinyl windows is always good idea when you are not yet ready to replace old window structures, but want to refresh their look.

Read in our article when it is best to do it, as well as where to find a good contractor to do such work.

Painting vinyl windows

When Is the Best Time of Year to Paint Vinyl Windows?

Your frames need to be painted in case you notice that paint is off, colors have faded or bleached in the sun.

In order to do the painting well, it is important to know when it is best to do such work.

  1. Winter is definitely not the best time to paint windows.  Cold temperature can result in staining.
  2. Early spring and late autumn, when there is a lot of rain, are also not the best idea. But the end of spring, as well as the beginning of autumn are considered a good time to update the appearance of your windows.
  3. Summer is the perfect time to paint the window frame. However, during this period there are a lot of orders for such work, so it is important to find a good contractor in advance.

How Long Does Paint on Vinyl Windows Last?

Having done painting vinyl windows, your frame will look like new for another 7-10 years. After that, the homeowner needs to buy new window structures.

Here the question arises: shouldn’t we just order new windows now?

Buying such products is an excellent solution in most cases. However, painting also has a lot of advantages:

  • Such services are much cheaper;
  • They are executed quickly enough;
  • Unlike replacing the whole structure, when there is a risk of damage to the repair, painting will not spoil your interior.
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In order to make a beautiful and long-lasting window painting, you need to choose a good contractor. To save you time we recommend using the services of the Canadian company Vinyl Light Windows & Doors.

The contractor has long been known on the market and knows all the nuances of such a procedure. In addition, they use the same colorants that were used for the initial coloration of window systems.

Choosing Vinyl Light, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the result!

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