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Yoga is technically beneficial to both genders, but there are some specific poses that particularly benefit women more than men. As women progress through life, their bodies go through a number of changes and phases. Starting from puberty and motherhood to menopause, the lives of women have been a struggle since day one. Yoga for women can be an incredible support system to easily go through all of these changes. Yoga will help you surrender, gain inner wisdom, love yourself just the way you are, celebrate your body, and gain balance and coordination in many other things.

Yoga Asanas For Women

Supta Baddha Konasana [Bound Angle Pose]

The nurturing and life-bearing nature of women often means that they do not take enough time to pamper and take care of themselves. Bound Angle Pose ensures that as a woman you do just that by keeping yourself as the priority. This pose is known to relieve symptoms of insomnia, asthma, menstruation, heart disease, and intestinal and digestive health problems.

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Utkata Konasana [Goddess Pose]

Goddess Pose is a great yoga pose for stretching your buttocks and thigh region and strengthening your entire lower body. One of the attributes of a Goddess means letting go of all the frustrations and finding the strength residing inside you. No doubt this pose can be very challenging and hard to practice at first, especially when held for a longer period of time.
By forgetting about your comfort zone and letting yourself breathe through the discomfort, you prove to yourself that you are just like a goddess capable of staying calm in difficult situations.

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Yoga Poses For Women

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana [Pigeon Pose]

Pigeon pose is a wonderful pose to open your hips, chest, and all the chakras where most of you store a big box of stress and emotions. Bending your lower back forward in Pigeon pose is the perfect variation to find a sense of peace and relaxation. You all know that women are emotional creatures, but in your daily hustle-bustle, it can get difficult to let go of the negative emotions that have built a home inside you. Take some time out for yourself with the help of Pigeon Pose to notice where you are holding tension both in your mind and body, and relax those areas. With the assistance of this pose, get reconnected with your breath and your heart, and become aware of your emotions, be it positive or negative.

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Bhujangasana [Cobra Pose]

Women are naturally designed in way to be called nurturing individuals who often give a lot of themselves in every situation that the world demands. Sometimes they give too much, which can leave you feeling drained and exhausted. The best thing you can do in these type of situations is to counter yourself with a soft and an open heart with the help of yoga even if you are absolutely new to the practice. Yoga for women as well as yoga for beginners will serve you as the best solution to all your problems. And Cobra pose is a gentle heart opener that helps in strengthening and improving the flexibility of your back and abdomen.

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Vrksasana [Tree Pose]

As you all know, it can be a bit difficult to find balance in your day-to-day life. The demands of work, social activities, family commitments, and daily chores often create a hectic and stressful daily routine for you that can leave you feeling half dead by the end of the day. The beauty of Tree Pose is its ability to recharge your drained energy and calm it down. So, feel your mind slow down and become quiet as you take a moment to reset and get up again.

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