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Xresolver is an online application that can be used to match and query the IP Address. The Xresolver Xbox can be used by connecting the device to the Xbox 360. The IP can then be assigned to the applications. So you can do the blacklists using the program and be assured that people wont track you. It can be used by multiple types of users, including gamers, researchers and programmers, to create custom games that use their own IP addresses or the IP addresses of others for the games.

Key Difference of Xresolver to others:

  • It is IP Address Resolver
  • It can actually see the IP Address
  • It has to be used in legal way
  • It requires both the side tracked and the pro-user to work together to make the matching
  • Though the tool has not yet been fully tested on console

It has come out as an MVP which means it can be used on phones. But it was initially designed for console for doing the IP address mapping. If you like gaming, you may want to get Xresolver because you can actually get the IP to use the IP address that you are hunting from. You can use Xresolver Xbox on your device to get the IP address for your game. Just make sure that you have used the right permissions for the tool. The tool is really not that great.

What to do with Xresolver?

Just like many of the other search engines, it should come out with the IP address of your IP address that you have added, you are then required to click on the attachment option to start the mapping. It will then show you that it is being done, then after completion, it will start showing you the results. This is just the beginning, the actual mapping of the IP will take a while. This is because the results would come out as static IP ranges that could not be used to access websites. But this will be good enough for a bunch of systems.

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The second way to use the tool is to attach it to the IP address which it already has. The method is slightly different. You now click on the button labelled ‘Attach to IP’ and follow the same process as above. This would basically modify the IP from one of the domains to another one that you chose in the list. You can also look up a specific IP that you wish to use to open the portal. For example, you would have saved the DNS of your ISP and using the tool, you can enter your ISP’s address and Xresolver will do the rest.

How to Blacklist Yourself on Xresolver?

It is quite easy to blacklist yourself on Xresolver. You can follow the steps before and after using the program.

  1. Click on Require an Account
  2. Go to Octosniff and buy 500 points
  3. Now go to the IP report button and copy the IP you want to blacklist
  4. Sign in to the Octosniff account
  5. Click on download system, click on install and check the box for IGNORE THIS, Click on Next
  6. Click on Install and check the box for unblocking instructions
  7. Click on Next and once the process is done
  8. Go back to the site and click on read email notification. It will send you a click-to-click link that you need to click on and then click on the send button.
  9. Now click on the notification and once the email is sent, click on report.
  10. After you get the IP address of the person you want to blacklist, you can go back to the Xresolver website and blacklist the IP address.
  11. Once you sign in to your account and go to the message box, put your Xresolver blacklist IP address link and press Publish. You can also receive the IP address after the publish action, just like you are sending the IP address through email.
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Now just click on unblock to the subject, right-click on the icon and then click “Delete Contact”.

What is wrong with the Xresolver?

According to the terms and conditions, if you’re sending the IP address in an unencrypted text, the decryptor will be able to get it through its own methods and also on any website. The only thing you’ll have to do is to unblock that link. The key to the message box is the IP address in use which is the point of contention. It is not unblockable.

How to buy 500 Pc Points?

Buying points is fairly easy on Xresolver Xbox. Follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the Xresolver website
  2. Click on click buy/ claim points
  3. Put the Xresolver ID in the key box and fill in the pro user’s name in the comments box
  4. You will receive a key
  5. Now you can go to your account and add 500 points to your account and redeem the IP address you bought
  6. Now you need to go to your account and enter the IP address that you purchased into the Messages box and you will get a welcome message along with the IP address.

You can take a screenshot if you are going to try the IP on your console.

Is Xresolver Illegal?

No. It is not illegal. It is, however, an open-source. It means anyone can use it even in America. Although, if you are using it to leak data from your enemy, then it is illegal. For gaming purposes, you can use the Xresolver app or website to blacklist yourself on Xresolver Xbox, and then you can enter your IP address to play the games by that IP. It is of course, at your own risk. So don’t use it if you don’t know what you are doing. As it is used for scrapping through the boy, you can use the Xresolver easily.

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