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Car accidents can take place instantly; however, their effects can usually be long-lasting. Because of this, you might wonder if you must file an insurance claim or lawsuit to be compensated for your injuries and losses. As the injured party, you must initiate a claim or lawsuit before it’s too late. Keep in mind that there is a statute of limitations for when you can file a car accident lawsuit.

Waiting too long to file a lawsuit can lead to you missing out on the chance to secure the compensation you deserve. This is why you must hire a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney will investigate your case and collect evidence to support your claim. They will ensure you can file a lawsuit within two years from the accident date, so don’t give up your rights to compensation. A successful claim can give you significant help, especially if your injuries require ongoing treatment and you cannot work.

How the Statute of Limitations Works

A statute of limitations is a legal deadline for when you can file a legal claim. States vary in their statutes of limitations for car accidents. Often, the clock starts to tick on the accident date. Once this deadline expires, you usually forfeit your right to file a claim. Because of this, you must consult a lawyer immediately after the crash to know the next steps to take. They can help you understand the law and make informed decisions regarding your claim.

Other Important Factors to Think About

Aside from ensuring you bring a claim within the legal deadline, there are other reasons you should act quickly. These reasons include the following:

  • Collect and organize evidence. Often, you don’t have all the time in the world to collect and preserve evidence. Some evidence in car accidents can disappear. For instance, documents can be misplaced or lost and witnesses may lose their memories of your accident. By acting quickly, you can collect and organize important evidence you need to present a strong case.
  • Know the extent of your injuries. Some injuries sustained in car accidents may not present immediate symptoms. As a result, you may think you are not injured at all. Thus, you must undergo a thorough medical evaluation right after the accident. Some injuries may become worse over time or require more extensive medical treatment than you thought at first. By understanding the extent of your injuries, you may be able to explore your legal options.
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