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Ceramic Tiles For The Balcony

When buying ceramic tiles for balcony or loggia, it is necessary to consider a number of important points to avoid further problems. Tiling a balcony is definitely a great investment. But, balcony tiles are the most optimal finishing option, because their durability is beyond question.

A balcony is an integral part of almost any apartment. Most homeowners are looking to improve it, considering that the balcony is a complete part of their home. It is no secret that this area is characterized by sharp drops in temperature and high humidity. Choose materials for repair in such way that these factors in the future don’t affect the results of your work. What should you pay attention to first?

One of the important components of the balcony and loggia is the floor covering. Today, it is not a problem to decide the choice of material for organizing the floor in this area. Currently, there are ample opportunities to solve this problem, but not all, to one degree or another, are suitable to achieve the stated objective. For example, the cement screed is characterized by the constant accumulation of dust and the gradual destruction of the coating.

Linoleum and paneling are afraid of moisture. The question is: why consciously create unnecessary difficulties if there is an optimal way out of the current situation? Of course they are ceramic balcony tiles! Thanks to its excellent properties, it has long earned a reputation as the ideal floor covering in any part of the home. Porcelain stoneware for exteriors, of great strength and resistance to frost, does not lose its original appearance after a sufficiently long period of operation. In terms of wear resistance, it has no equal today.

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balcony tiles As a general rule, in stores, balcony tiles refer to the highest “abrasion class” – the fifth. It’s better to choose samples of small size, thinner and lighter, which means they are more suitable for the balcony. Preference is also given to porcelain stoneware with a special non-slip coating. Another indisputable advantage of ceramic tiles is their resistance to aggressive substances, including various types of acids. And hygienic cleaning of ceramic tile is not difficult.

For cleaning, you can use various cleaning agents without fear that they will cause significant damage during the cleaning process. Therefore, despite the richest selection of finishing materials and the regular introduction of innovative technologies in the field of construction and renovation, ceramic tiles for the balcony have not yet competed with any kind of products of this type.

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Depending on the purpose of this or that object and the intensity of its operation, each one chooses “their own” tiles, which will fully correspond to the goals and objectives. Modern manufacturers produce ceramic products with a rich set of so-called external indicators. These are colors, size, structure, and shape. However, for premises with a high functional load, the quality characteristics of this material come to the fore.

When choosing porcelain stoneware for garages and car dealerships, warehouses and shopping centers, workshops and production halls, it is extremely important to take into account the expected daily load of the floor, if it will come into contact with an aggressive environment, etc. It is these factors that determine the durability of tiles, their safety, useful properties and appearance. For example, in a large cold room, where the fire safety SRO does not allow the use of any heating device, the coating must be frost resistant and its surface must be hard, dense and rough. The porosity in the structure is minimal, the thickness is not less than 14 mm. All of the above indicators provide resistance to the material: the tile does not deform and does not crack from loading and unloading operations, it will not slip when moisture is impregnated and it will not deteriorate from contact with hazardous chemicals and oils.

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For places with high traffic of people (shops, shopping centers, hotels, corridors, lobbies, etc.), porcelain stoneware with a sufficiently high margin of resistance to abrasion is recommended. Preference should be given to a coating with high hardness and wear resistance. The reaction of tiles to moisture and aggressive substances is not allowed. Plus, wet mopping and cleaning doesn’t have to be a laborious process.

Best flooring tiles for showers, swimming pools, changing rooms and toilets have special requirements in addition to their attractive appearance. When wet, under no circumstances should it slip. Due to the constant need to maintain hygiene in such areas, the frequent use of cleaning agents and detergents is expected, which tend to gradually erode the coating. Obviously, the tiles must be selected with a hard protective layer that does not react to alkalis, acids and dyes.

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