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A slideshow is one of the best assets to engage your audience and really kick in the message. Slideshows never have to be only text or images; you can add music to it as well. A slideshow video or text with music is an amazing way to engage your target audience.

Whether you aim to create a slideshow with music for your business sales to go up, or it is for a personal reason like a wedding invite or birthday. You want it to have a happy and lasting impact. As always, putting music in your slideshow can go two ways-either it can bring tears of joy and excitement or bore them. I hope you are aiming for the former as we have a few tips that can help you add music to your slideshow and make it into some beautiful and engaging music.

  1. Keep the end in mind

Knowing the end, which means where you will be playing your presentation is imperative. It will ensure that you opt for the right tool to create your music video slideshow. What if you used a tool to create a slideshow and when you reach the venue, you come to know that their hardware doesn’t support your file? What will you do then? So, knowing where you are playing will help you select the right tool. Also, it will help you take all the necessary things with you. For instance, a laptop in the example available will help.

If you know that the venue has Wi-Fi, Use Canva slideshow maker. You can run it anywhere by just logging in. Also, you can download and play it on your laptop too. It has both options, which makes it the best choice for all.

  1. Use the perfect theme for music
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A slideshow can have more than images, and you need to focus on Gifs, video, and music to get your message across. Now, you can use any tool to create a music slideshow from scratch. It will take time, and it may end up looking like something which you don’t want. Rather than doing this, use Canva slideshow templates. It requires minimum customization, and you can select the one which goes with your music and message.

  1. Options for adding music

To add music, you should know all the options that you have. Here are some of the options that you can use:

  • From hard-drive: Select insert on a particular slideshow and click on audio>audio on pc.
  • It will take you to the hard-drive where your music is, and you can select the one you want. Once you choose the file, click on insert.
  • From the internet: Click on insert>audio>online audio.
  • Whichever file you select, the tool will download it and play it during the presentation.

Some tools also provide you with the option to record your own audio and insert it in the slide.

  1. Matching music with the event is crucial

You cannot add any music to your slideshow and call it a day. It needs to work well with the event and the mood. A classical tone works well for all events, but you can go with one which feels right for you. Select the music, which connects with the emotions of people and delivers the message correctly.

Also, most tools have in-build music options, which never poses a copyright issue, which may happen when you download music from YouTube or Facebook.

  1. Wind up just before the presentation starts
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Music in a presentation can make both the presenter and audience feel at ease. So, you can keep it on low as you wait for the audience to fill up the seats. When they are ready for you, increase the volume or shift the style to amp up the audience. You would have seen this in movie theatres, and you know the effect. It is not hard to imagine what it can do for your presentation.

  1. Add text

While adding music to your presentation is great, you can make it even better by adding a text or quote. It emphasizes the message that you are trying to get across.

“Without music, life would be a mistake” ― Friedrich Nietzsche. It goes even for your slideshow, whether it’s for business or personal use. According to the situation, adding a bit of music can make the message clearer and more impactful.



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