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Are you undergoing an orthodontic treatment? If yes, then it requires some time to become used to wearing retainers or braces. Most patients will probably suffer from some minor aches and soreness when the teeth shift to their desired alignment.

The positive news is that orthodontic emergencies are usually minor and rare though it never hurts to know what you should do in case you have to deal with an orthodontic emergency.

Major emergencies during orthodontic problems

A good percentage of children experience some kind of dental problems and most mouth injuries take place due to sudden fall, sports or other accidents. Though children will probably suffer from dental emergency, adults might be at greater risk too. Some common dental problems are the following:

  • Broken jaw
  • Fracture in the root
  • Misplaced tooth
  • Broken tooth
  • Dislodged tooth

If you suffer from major mouth, jaw or dental complications, it is necessary to seek for medical help without delay. A dental emergency might lead to tooth loss and extreme pain.

When handling any dental emergency, there are chances that your orthodontic treatment should be impacted. If you have broken jaw or lost a tooth, then teeth will shift from its actual place. You need to book an appointment with an orthodontist who will help to know whether the orthodontic appliance should be adjusted or replaced.

How you can prevent major orthodontic emergencies

Accidents might occur anytime and at any place. Despite how much careful you may be, there is the possible risk of falling or tripping. Though you can prevent certain things in life, you can even do few things to keep your teeth protected. When you or your kid loves to play different kinds of sports, it is necessary to wear protective headgear. It is also important to wear a mudguard that can protect your lips, teeth, gums and tongue.

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How to avoid minor orthodontic complications

Apart from major orthodontic emergencies, you may even have to deal with minor issues by using the orthodontic appliance. Read to know about some common problems you might face and what to do as a remedy.

  • Poking wire:

    If you had been using orthodontic appliance or braces with the teeth, then there may be chances of having little sore in the mouth. When you have to deal with such problems, you might wake up and find you have been pocked with a loose wire. In order to alleviate poking, it is suggested to cover wire by using small wax ball. When you see an orthodontist for the next time, make sure you discuss about the problem faced with the wire for getting permanent fix.

  • Elastic band, loose wire or bracket:

    Loose wire, elastic bands and brackets occur when you eat hard or sticky foods. The problem might occur when you brush extremely hard or play with clear aligners. If the band or bracket has been attached with the wire, you should leave it that way. You can cover problematic area with orthodontic wax to avoid further discomfort.

  • Broken retainers:

    If you have recently broken your braces, then you would like to examine it properly. In case the appliance has been broken into pieces, try to put it on the teeth and find out whether it will fit. It might happen that the retainer is not broken but bent out of its shape. When the retainer becomes very loose, you need to visit an orthodontist for getting your new braces. If you cannot fix an appointment with the orthodontist right away, then the next challenge is to buy over-the-counter mouthguard for protecting your teeth properly.

  • Soreness:

    Though you may probably suffer from some kind of discomfort and toothache after putting an orthodontic appliance on the teeth, you might even experience pain during the treatment phase. Though it might be really frustrating to deal with, soreness will denote your teeth are moving from their desired place. In this situation, they may lead to some tenderness and discomfort inside the mouth. It is suggested to take over-the-counter pain relievers to ease the discomfort or apply a dental gel to lessen the pain. You can even rinse mouth with salty water and take a heating pan on your jaw to reduce the discomfort.

  • Loose orthodontic appliance:

    When the teeth start to move, it is quite common for the orthodontic appliance to get loose or the headgear not to fit properly. Though a loose appliance might create irritation, you may feel positive by knowing that crooked or misaligned teeth are becoming straighter. As these appliances should fit properly to do their task, you need proper orthodontic care for adjusting the appliance accordingly. Though these adjustments may lead to some discomfort and pain, they are needed if you want to shift teeth to their actual position.

  • Avoid minor orthodontic problems:

    If you want to prevent minor orthodontic problems, then it is advised to follow the instructions of your orthodontist. You should wear your aligners properly and take care of the appliance, as directed by the provider. It is essential to brush teeth twice daily, floss daily and do not take hard or sticky food items that might cause the appliance to become loose or lead to soreness. It is a good decision to prepare an orthodontics kit that should have mouth mirror, additional elastic bands, orthodontic wax, nail clippers and contact number of your orthodontist. Thus, you will be able to apply quick fix till you see an orthodontist.

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