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Mental Health is as important as your physical health but it’s not taken care of as much as it should be. As time has passed by, many people have understood the importance of keeping yourself healthy mentally which is why the demand for therapists has increased. Like every other medical practice, this field also requires a lot of attention which is why the demand for Mental health EHR software has also increased. There are a lot of Mental health EHR software to help therapists out with their everyday work life but we are going to list down and compare the top ones for you. Before we get into that, let’s first talk about the most important features a good Mental Health EHR Software needs to have. 

Top Mental Health EHR features

The top 5 features that a good Mental Health EHR software needs to have are Templates that work with their needs, Clinical documentation, Task management capabilities, SOAP notes, and Cloud access. 


The best Mental health EMR needs to have great task management capabilities because therapists have a lot to handle and manage and to keep the mental health of their patients in place, they need to keep themselves organized, stress-free, and calm. A good mental health EMR allows you to build order sets and templates to your specifications. This helps in keeping the workflow streamlined. Clinical documentation is also a super important feature for Mental Health EMR because it’s a complex task and the maintenance is pretty difficult. 24/7 access is very important in this particular medical practice because some patients have serious mental health issues and constant connection with the therapists is very important. Now that we have a basic idea of the top EHR features for Mental health let’s dive straight into the main theme of this article which is finding out the best EMR software for Mental Health

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Top EHR Software Mental Health 

Now that we have talked about the features that a mental health EHR needs to have, let’s move on to the best EHR Software for mental health. 


CureMD is a great Mental health EMR software, with very specific features for this particular medical practice. It is catering to medical practices of all sizes be it a large one or a small one. CureMD is known for its scheduling and documentation tools. Integration with practice management software is very seamless. It’s a cloud-based EHR software which means 24/7 access from anywhere in the world. CureMD EHR pricing starts from $195 per month. 


DrCloud is a very well designed EHR software that is catering to many therapists working in many different medical practices. It is a cloud-based EHR software that is famous for its features like e-prescriptions, Scheduling, customer support, and task management. It has excellent revenue management cycle solutions. It has specific features to offer to the therapists and can also be accessed from anywhere anytime. It’s best for practices of all sizes. 


AdvancedMD EHR is a very well structured professional software that has provided its services to ambulatory medical practices.  AdvancedMD is catering to more than 37000 practitioners, over 13000 practices, and 700 medical billing companies. It is great for Mental health and specializes in providing services to medium and small-sized practices. From great scheduling tools to disorder-specific templates, the software has it all. You can access patient notes from your EHR software which is a huge advantage for therapists. 


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AdvancedMD also offers the entire billing process which also is an added benefit to the therapists. The pricing for AdvancedMD EHR software starts from $429 per month. 


Cerner is a great EHR software that specializes in this area. Cerner is fully equipped with tools that are used in this medical practice. It has a nice Patient portal and notes feature that is extremely beneficial for the therapists. Integration is seamless and customization is easy. Cerner is best for medical practices that are medium-sized or large-sized. The pricing for Cerner EHR software starts from $25 per month. 

Therapy notes

Therapy notes EHR is used from medical practices of all sizes. Therapy notes EHR has so many nice and well-designed EHR features for Mental health. Easy billing, Claim management, to-do notes, and documentation are some of its famous features. For therapists, psychologists, Counselling, etc this is the best EHR software for Mental health. The pricing for Therapy notes EHR starts from $49 per month. 


This is our list of the best EHR software for Mental health.

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