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If the administration is done in the proper way then the regular test to diagnose Novel Coronavirus can serve 100% accurate results. However, some tests will get ineffective if you are already infected and start generating antibodies. But the medical expert team supports the diagnostic testing stating it is a powerful health tool for the public to combat the community spreading of this gnarly disease.

Basically, the test is done to check whether you are infected or not! Accordingly, the treatment of infected persons will be commenced. It has been also noticed the administrative team who is working day and night tirelessly to resist the rate of transmission come in contact as well.

However, the enemy disease can become visible with testing. Typically, two tests are available for this Novel Coronavirus on which we are going to discuss in this post. Continue reading to know about them.

The tests which diagnose the infection

Diagnostic tests are reliable for detecting active infections. It will figure out where you have had exposure to this infection or exhibiting any sort of symptoms (including mild).

To determine the trace of Coronavirus in the human body, 2 kinds of diagnostic tests are accepted. They are;

  • Antigen test for detecting proteins on the surface of the virus
  • RT-PCR (molecular real-time polymerase chain reaction) is reliable for detecting the genetic material of the virus

The widely accepted and familiar one is the RT-PCR nasopharyngeal tests involves inserting a 6-inch swab into the nose for collecting the sample for examination. There are also many health clinics where you can undergo PCR test in London on booking an appointment.

As this nasopharyngeal swab test offers a high level of discomfort, the latest RT-PCR test influences the collection of shallow swabs of saliva or nose to detect its presence. However, it gives 100% accurate results and it is proven in some labs at the same time.

For enhancing the maximum accuracy, the RT-PCR test must be undergone on the 8th day of suspected exposure so that the material of the virus can be figured out in the body. However, a number of clinics are also there which aren’t pretty assured the usage of collecting swab sample and testing it in the proper way.

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Even the administration of the test can be done lately probably after the successful recovery of the disease. But it has to be done in an appropriate way the swab has to be inserted a minimum of 3 inches so that it can reach out to the cavity- the point of intersection of the pharynx and nasal passages.

In case you have undergone the test and found it not so discomforting then it may not be done in the correct way. With PCR tests the chance of false-positive is minimal as the material of the virus can stay dormant in the body for long even after total recovery of this deadly disease.

However, at the same time, it is impossible to disclose whether an individual has had an infection a week or a few months ago. Swab samples are used in antigen testing too as it has the ability to yield rapid results within a few hours instead of a few days.

But the point of concern is it can’t give as many accurate results as RT-PCR tests as it collects test sample loaded with high virus protein amount for delivering accurate results. The probability of false-negative results ranges from 20%-30% which is quite high. But the medical experts state the positive report of the antigen test is trustable whereas the negative ones are to be inquired!

An outlook on the antibody tests

In accordance with the suggestion of the name, this test is meticulously introduced for determining the presence of the antibodies produced by the immune system as the response of Novel Coronavirus. Don’t take it wrongly as a diagnostic test. On getting exposure to this infection a couple of weeks or days get consumed by the antibodies to develop in the body.

Even its trace can be there in the blood for a few weeks post-recovery. That is the reason the antibody test isn’t recommended for diagnosing an active Coronavirus-infected person. It isn’t regarded as a useful test because the report of the antibody test will come positive if the infected person has recovered fully from the infection and makes immunity to combat further reinfection.

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It will allow you to get back on track of life by rejoining your office, traveling, and socializing by alleviating the chance of transmission of the disease. But it hasn’t been proved yet that the trace of antibodies in the body keeps you immune and prevents other strains of this virus.

Also, it can’t assure the longevity of the newly developed immune system in your body at the same time. Due to the high chance of problems antibody tests can get easily misused. The positive antibody doesn’t indicate that you don’t have to follow social distancing and wear a mask any more as it never acts as the immunological armor to combat further infections.

Sometimes it leads to false-positive test results as well. Basically, antibodies stay adhered to things allowing the result to come as positive in case they react with any other strains of COVID-19.

However, the antibody test is useful if the individual’s body will be able to control the infection by responding to antibodies. It is the space where a void can be observed to date on which the researchers have to work more.

Examining the tests

At present, every COVID-19 test type is made legally available for the people of the UK by the government. Even the decision of using approved medical methods and products have been taken for diagnosing, treating, and preventing severe deadly medical diseases.

These can be used for treating the conditions arising from nuclear, radiological, biological, and chemical threat agents when there is lack of available, approved, and adequate alternative treatment options. In this way only various testing methods for Novel Coronavirus can be hit to the market without any further research and approval.

However, 130 various RT-PCR antigens and antibody tests to detect the trace of COVID-19 get approved. According to the leading doctors, complete clinical trials is a matter of a long time which is why a combo of PCR Swab tests has been engineered to work as the latest antigen test. It only seeks approval to be released in the market for use.

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Which one is best: Antibody or Diagnostic Test?

As per the experts, it is clear that the RT-PCR tests more useful and accurate than that of the antibody and antigen tests. That’s why these two are used as the infection confirmatory testing tools. However, this unimaginable and noxious pandemic results in the deficiency of testing products in numerous testing labs of the country and other parts of the world.

This leads them to opt for a rapid antibody test during hype or demanding time. But when the time is slow they switch to accurate testing methods smartly and fast. In this span of time other flexible and fast testing methods are also introduced promising to deliver fast test results.

The only limitation of these methods is the inadequacy of reagents (essential chemical) that resist the pathology from testing the suspicious patients for COVID-19. On the other hand, some labs conclude that they have a rapid as well as an accurate testing facility.

All they are demanding is the number of testing tools to perform the test in a large number for the people of any specific area or region. Apart from the doctors and GPs, pathologists are also collecting as much information as they can to know about this perilous disease (Novel Coronavirus).

It is undeniable that in this present scenario; researchers, doctors, and common people are analyzing, discussing, and working together to acquire much necessary information about this gnarly disease and aware the people of the remote regions. It is true that any bug doesn’t depend on any theory and so if need perform COVID-19 testing by visiting your nearby clinic or booking an appointment to stay safe.

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