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What are Custom Rigid Boxes or Put-up Boxes?

Rigid packaging boxes are a sturdy paperboard box consisting of high-thickness (frequently 3-4mm) chipboard, enclosed by embellishing specialist paper. They are also ordinarily regarded as put-up boxes or gift-boxes.

Rigid boxes are a sustainable option generally seen as packaging for carrom boards, chessboard, and other board-games where cards, game boards, or products need to be set back into the container for reuse. High-tech products such as smartphones, or extravagance products are often utilised for custom printed rigid box packaging as they are astonishingly flexible and have stricter resilient production.

Custom rigid box packaging comes in two main types and many different styles can be printed, hot-stamped, and finished with extra coatings and even embellishing things like ribbons, handles buckles, and so on.

Why UK Packaging Market Prefer Rigid Boxes?

Do you have to present fabulous items for every event ranging from anniversaries to Christmas and new years? Presenting the cosmetic sets, fragrances, accessories, and other attractive packaging products can help potential customers experience packaging services. Even you can make your budding business noteworthy by creative custom boxes. Beautiful packaging would help you make the dainty jewellery pieces and other likeable gift products worth noticing for the customers. However, many custom rigid box packaging stock and style choices obtainable for presenting products; that make attractive presents but custom rigid boxes UK are among the fittest ones.

The rigid packaging boxes have a praiseworthy ability; and can last-long, making them a note of your brand. When looking for rigid box manufacturers UK; you can have a look at the different kinds of products and printing techniques utilised by many businesspeople.

Mod printing tacts that have the experience and skills for customising packaging for retail and other businesses. After you know that the packaging and printing solutions; can encourage you just to have chosen is enough, and how you can consider your product assortment and branding requirements you will get the answer in this article. However, the custom printed rigid box packaging is enable to make it simple for the printing process to provide you with personalised packaging solutions. So, check out the popular packaging styles online, and if you prefer some designs or ideas, you can easily share them with the box manufacturer.

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Here’s A Perspicacity On Printing Custom Rigid Packaging Boxes For Gifting Features:

Moreover, intense and attractive artwork with distinct designs for different cosmetics items, skin accessories and other gift set boxes should be inviting. You can choose luxurious or candid artworks depending on the kind of goods you are selling. For example, luxury products can easily display in an outstanding custom die-cut packaging. Has your logo embossed on a rigid box with a charming font style to make it remarkable for your customers? Even, you can have many designs created for every kind like gifts for her and him.

  • Printing Rigid Boxes

Rigid box packaging with lids makes it more comfortable for the customers to take out the goods and save them back for a long time. However, jewellery items and other accessories that can drop their glow due to temperature or environmental effects such as; moisture and other factors would stay safe in custom printed rigid boxes. Moreover, you can have enclosures and other finishing printed for ultimate protection within the packaging box. Nowadays, you can get easily different tones printed for lid boxes to offer quality to the shoppers.

  • Embellish The Packaging

Put the ribbons and best wishes labels for every event so that clients can have the décor customised the way they like. You can offer to embellish accessories for finishing the custom printed rigid packaging boxes.

Get important product features printed on the packaging boxes, especially manufacturing, best before the expiration time, net weight and care discretions. The containers must have your online store’s address and contact details by printing processes.

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Utilise the packaging for showing the buyers about your flash and festive sales. The rigid boxes can have multi innovative ideas for your most popular Christmas gifts, and New Year 2021 gift items can set and the ones you have recently launched. You can have different themed packaging according to the occasion such as; made for zealously celebrated events like Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. Boxes should have a number and weight of the items mentioned clearly. Packaging companies of UK market has assisted many retail, food and other businesses with pitching products virtually through custom rigid packaging boxes. The printing company offers quick turnaround, quality stocks and the hottest techniques.

Rigid Boxes In The Market

Custom rigid packaging boxes are a trending packaging segment, consisting of metal, plastic, wood, paper, and other so many materials. It also refers to rigid, reliable packaging contrary to its alternative flexible packaging.

It is imperative to recognise the distinction from rigid packaging to luxury rigid boxes as only a small but fast-growing segment within the massive rigid packaging industry accounting for nearly 65% of the global packaging market insights’ valued at USD 694.71 billion in 2018. However, this ratio has been growing at a high compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8%.

Custom Rigid Boxes

The UK packaging market is preferring now printed rigid box packaging for many purposes. Some of them we can discuss in this article. There are multiple types of rigid packaging boxes, such as:

  • Partial Finish
  • Full Finish Rigid Boxes
  • Rigid Tube Packaging

Partial Finish

  • In this segment, the rigid box can be wrapped by only finishing the box’s inner perimeters.
  • Even the rigid chipboard inside is unfinished and visible.
  • The inner chipboard is in one-piece with perforated tuck edges and folded.
  • The strip or glue may be used to secure chipboard before encasing.
  • After all, the chipboard finish can appear in coated one side white or Kraft.
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Full Finish Rigid Boxes

  • In this part of rigid packaging boxes decorated completely from inner to outer edges of the box. Moreover, the inside perimeter of the rigid chipboard is totally furnished and visible. 
  • Product enclosed entirely, so no chipboard is left unsealed.
  • The inner chipboard is in separate pieces for each aspect of the rigid box.
  • No tape is used before enclosing boxes.
  • Thicker chipboard can be at 1.77 – 3mm thicknesses.
  • Laminated with different finish options

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Rigid Tube Packaging

  • Telescopic, cylindrical packaging style with the rigid chipboard production, enclosed with printed or decorative paper
  • Available in the partial or full finish in UK industry
  • No corners mean rigid tube packaging is child-friendly
  • An excellent option for irregular or circular-shaped products

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