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Home is the place where you get the utmost happiness. It is the cozy corner where we long to come back after a long, monotonous schedule of a busy day. A beautifully decorated house is the dream place of every man. It is the place where our family resides and hence we wish to decorate it with extreme care and love. The Wall Mantra helps this dream of yours come true. This new age online shopping site offers you with a vast range of home décor materials. It brings you different types of wonderful wall frames design, which you can place on the walls of your home and make it appear to be trendy and elegant.

Varied range of wall picture frames

The Wall Mantra presents a huge collection of wall picture frames for living room. The living room is a place where you relax with the members of your family. At times when friends drop in, we spend a good quality time with them also in the living room area. The glamorous frames that the Wall Mantra offers us are worth hanging in your living room walls. Let us have an overview of the various types of enticing picture frames that this shopping site is providing us with.

  • Decorative frames canvas

*The decorative frames canvas comes in varied range. The frames have been designed keeping in mind your requirement and taste. If you have an aesthetic taste and prefer to keep spiritual paintings then the Buddha canvas print and the Radha Krishna canvas print photo frames would be the best choice for you. The Buddha paintings are offered in a set of five frames, which is unique in design. It is said that keeping pictures of Gods and Goddesses in our indoors help us move towards the correct direction. It also gives you a positive insight and helps you remain calm even in difficult situations. You can hang these on the walls of your living room, bed room and even in your offices

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*Romantic canvas print frames are also available, which are perfect to be placed on your bedroom walls. These distinctive paintings will change the look of your bedroom to a great extent. These great pieces of art will certainly create an atmosphere of romanticism inside the bedroom area.

*One of the best offerings of the Wall Mantra is “The wall of memories photo frame set with beautiful art placeholders”. The frames come in a set of thirty six. You can hang them on the walls of  your living room area or inside your bedroom. The frames have easy openings from the back through which inserting your favorite photographs become very easy. The alignment of the frames can be done according to your preference. The easily adjustable hooks help in putting  these frames in proper positions.

  • Quality of the frames

There handsome photo frames come in various materials. The materials used are wood, synthetic wooden material, etc. The materials are environment friendly and hence are 100% safe to be used. Foldable frames are also available. These foldable frames are easier to be preserved for future use. There are frames of different shapes and sizes and you can choose and place them according to your convenience. Nail guides are fixed so that you can align the frames in a perfect manner. The frames are of premium quality yet pocket friendly.

  • Ideal gift items

These frames are ideal gifts for your family and friends. You can ask for lovely gift wraps at the time of placing the order for the products. The newly wed couples would be more than happy and would appreciate your choice, if these impressive frames are chosen as their wedding gift.

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Collection of different types of wall paintings

 The exemplary collection of Wall paintings by the Wall Mantra will undoubtedly allure you. There are super quality paintings of various kinds. The types of paintings include aesthetic piece of art work, romantic paintings and nature paintings.

  • Gautama Buddha painting

The Gautama Buddha paintings are extremely elegant in their looks The paintings are enriched with deep rooted inner meaning. These are real treat to our vision. The Buddha Paintings are offered in many varieties. They really sooths your eyes and brain. These paintings are perfect to be hung on your dining space. Not only in your homes, these Buddha paintings are perfect decorative pieces for your office. Even the dining halls of hotels can be very well decorated with these masterpieces. According to Feng shui, it is very much fortunate to place a Gautama Buddha painting indoors.

  • Beautiful waterfall nature scenery

These nature sceneries are painted on high class canvas using acrylic colors which are the best of their kinds. The subject matter of these nature paintings are distinctive as well as interesting. The presence of a piece of nature projected through these paintings will make your rooms look elegant.

  • Sri Ganesha paintings

The paintings of Lord Ganesha are among the best artistic production that the Wall Mantra can offer you. It is very well known that Lord Ganesha is the God of success, prosperity and new beginning, the paintings will definitely bring you new energy to work harder and thereby lead to your prosperity and success in every aspect of life. It is good to keep Lord Ganesha paintings in home according to the Vastu Shastra also.

  • Running horses painting

The running horses paintings , apart from being exemplary in looks and quality, harness positive energy in you. These paintings will provide you with the extra energy required for a rapid and successful completion of work.

  • Customer friendly policies

These exclusive range of artistic production are available at your threshold whenever you wish to have them. The Wall Mantra is an extremely customer friendly shopping site which gives you hundred percent money refund if you are dissatisfied with their products. All You need is to click a picture of the damaged material incase you demand for an exchange of the item.