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We are all familiar with how dental hygiene is vital for good oral health, but some are unaware that our habits don’t always provide the best protection. Most people consider oral hygiene a routine that doesn’t need extra attention besides brushing the teeth, but the reality is somewhat different. It is, in fact, a very intricate process that demands considerably more dedication than the average person is ready to give. But should we ever put anything above our health? The answer is, of course, no, we should not — our health should, unquestionably, always be the top priority.

Here are ten dental hygiene tips that will help you improve some of your habits and maybe point out things that you thought you did right but actually got wrong.

1. Brush twice a day

The general recommendation is to brush teeth twice a day — once in the morning and once at night. The reality is that many people neglect the night routine and put themselves at the risk of all the nasty germs that accumulate throughout the day degrading the health of their teeth. Never skip brushing your teeth before you go to bed!

2. Teeth alignment

Unaligned teeth are aesthetically unpleasant and raise the chances of plaque getting built up in unapproachable places, leading to further complications. If you suffer from bad teeth alignment, consider finding an orthodontist in Sydney that can help you improve your looks and your dental health! This simple corrective procedure will save you time and money in the long run and provide you with new confidence to conquer your daily challenges.

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3. Brush properly

Brush your teeth only in circular motions and be as gentle as possible. Any strenuous movements can damage sensitive gums and lead to bleeding and other complications.

4. Pick the right brush

Choosing the right brush can become tricky with so many different manufacturers on the market. The goal is to pick one with soft bristles and a small to medium-sized head, and as far as choosing the right brand, we leave that up to your preferences.

5. The best toothpaste

It’s the same as with a toothbrush — plenty of different brands are all advertising various, sometimes even miraculous outcomes. To spare you the trouble, search for a toothpaste with an official seal containing fluoride, an essential compound in preventing tooth decay that every good paste should have.

6. The best time to brush

Many people ask themselves whether it is better to brush their teeth before or after the meal they take. It would be best to brush before you eat and rinse after you finish. Brushing prior enables fluoride to protect teeth effectively during the meal, and if you feel any discomfort in your mouth after you are done, then rinsing will do the job.

7. Rinsing after brushing

Never rinse after you brush, only spit! It may sound weird since we all are used to rising, but this is how you get rid of the precious fluoride that protects your teeth during the day.

8. Tongue hygiene

Treating the tongue with the same care as teeth is very important. Plaque can build up on the tongue and leave you with bad breath and other health problems. Every time you brush your teeth, gently brush your tongue and make it your new habit.

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9. Flossing

Flossing is easily neglected among people, but it is essential for well-rounded hygiene. It helps get rid of food chunks stuck between teeth, stimulates the gums, and helps prevent inflammation.

10. Mouthwash

Mouthwash protects you from acidic compounds found in your mouth and helps re-mineralize the teeth. Mouthwash should be included in your everyday routine since it’s an excellent asset to the best possible protection.


Some doctors claim that bad dental hygiene can lead to other health issues. No one finds any signs of poor hygiene attractive, and neither should you, so always do your best to keep your dental health as good as possible!

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