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Are you someone who is into the industry which requires transporting of goods and carriers from time-to-time? If yes, then we are very much sure that there will be one fear, which will stay in your mind forever, and that is damaged corners of the packaging. However, the question that arises in our heads is that, is there anything that can help us get rid of such damages? If yes, then what is it? Well, for your convenience, let us tell you that at such times, the Edge Protectors are your saviors. These help in saving the corners of boxes to stay safe from heavy force impact. It also protects the integrity of the objects from harm that might have occurred by rough treatment, particularly that of the fragile items. These protectors are available in metals, cardboard, or plastic, with each of them having its benefits.

Plastic Edge Protectors

Benefits of using the plastic edge protectors:

  • Lightweight

They might lack a lot when talking about durability compared to their counterparts; however, in the case of weight, these edge protectors are the best. You can certainly use these for protecting the corner of cartons while keeping the packaging light.

  • Impact-Resistant

Even though it might not be as durable as metal or any other material, but it can still render enough protection for the packages. They have reasonable impact resistance, and to an extent, they can avoid abrasion.

  • Can be Reused

The plastic edge protectors can be used many times, although not as much as the others.

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Metal Edge Protectors

Benefits of using the metal edge protectors:

  • Heat-Resistant

Edge protectors, which are made up of metals, have higher thermal stability. They are not sensitive to freezing or fire, which can occur in hot conditions.

  • Highly Reusable

Since these have high strength and stiffness, metal edge protectors could last several years, making them extremely reusable. Also, these are perfect for reducing or evenly distributing the forces exerted due to strapping bands.

  • Resistant to High Pressure

Metals are intrinsically durable, as they withstand hard impacts and are not vulnerable to deformation, which is very much normal in both warehouse operations and transportation. This helps them to render outstanding protection to the box corners against heavy force.

Cardboard Edge Protectors

Benefits of using the cardboard edge protectors:

  • Lightweight

As their names suggest, these are made up of cardboard paper, which is certainly very lighter in weight.

  • Affordable

Cardboard edge protectors are not as robust as some of those made up of metal or plastic but are rather economical. That’s why they’re ideal for products where light corner security is appropriate.

Why Use the Edge Protectors for Packaging?

There are endless advantages of using edge protectors, and let us count on some of them below.

  1. Being made up of high-quality materials, we can say that these edge protectors render extra strength and support to the packed cartons and the goods stored in them.
  2. Using these to secure the container or truck package, and also use them in separately packed units. They provide additional strength and protection to the bundled goods by minimizing the friction and tensile forces applied to the load by strapping belts.
  3. The application is not confined to edge safety; rather, it can also be mounted on the cardboard boxes’ edges for interior support. It maintains the sturdiness of the boxes and prevents them from falling and destroying the item within.
  4. It maintains the product quality, giving the brand an impeccable record. This, in turn, will improve your company’s monetary income.
  5. When items are stacked on pallets, these edge guards prevent them from sliding in the side. In factories, edge protectors can help to secure pallets.
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